Sample Designs & Wording Messages
  • 5 Years of Marriage Anniversary Present


    5 Years of Marriage


    GOD has blessed us with a priceless gift,
    our love for each other.
    May it continue to grow and deepen 
    through the years ...

    The best is yet to come

    With Love, XOXOXO

  • Sample 5th Wedding Anniversary Message




    2 Sweet Children


    1 Blessed Family

    Forever & Always

    The Best Is Yet To Come

    Count your blessings and keep them close. Enjoy the present and all that you have now; a beautiful family and life that you love. But even so there is still more on it's way; births and graduations, achievements and weddings... With an engraved crystal plaque to remind you that the best is yet to come, this beautiful piece is an anniversary gift to celebrate your "forever and always."
  • Sample 5 Year Anniversary Poem


    With Love Until Infinity

    In May, five years ago, we said “I DO.”
    My life is much different now because of YOU!
    I understand firsthand that men are from Mars!
    But God is the planner of all of our days.
    He knew we’d fit because of our ways.
    You are so gentle, just as I thought you would be.
    You are kind, tenderhearted, and that is the key.
    I love you, my husband. This poem is for you.
    That May day is the reason; the day we said “I DO!”

      Happy 5th Anniversary

    With a romantic poem to your spouse and a golden infinity love symbol this custom crystal anniversary gift is a heartfelt tribute to years of marriage and the vows you took five years ago.
Product Description

There’s something about the circle, a smooth arc with no beginning and no end that just sweeps you along with its gentle tranquility. The Circle 5 Years Anniversary Gift reflects that, and so much more. Five years of marriage is something to celebrate. Why not do it with a quality gift that will withstand the test of time? With trailing vines, blue color fill and the number 5 crowing the plaque with its radiant beauty, this piece is sure to take their breath away.

Our sample 5th wedding anniversary message is one to consider: “God has blessed us with a priceless gift, our love for each other. May it continue to grow and deepen through the years…” You can also page through sample 5 year anniversary poems to find inspiration. If you want to give the plaque a touch of divine design inspiration, you can easily inscribe scripture or a prayer at no additional cost.

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