Alumni Recognition Plaques & Awards for Distinguished Alumni

Custom awards for distinguished alumni should be flawlessly designed, timeless and easy to personalize. Crystal Central’s alumni recognition award plaques check all three of those boxes.

  • Alumni Merit Award

    Alumni Award of Merit

    $139.99 - $199.99

    An honor bestows on alumni for their career success, the Alumni Award of Merit also speaks of loyalty, dedication and distinguished service. The sample alumni award design draws attention to Alumni's achievements.

  • Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award

    Alumni Achievement Award

    $139.99 - $229.99
     stars (1)

    Frequently given to distinguished alumni, the Alumni Achievement award recognizes alumni who have excelled in his/her field and attained outstanding success.

  • Alumnus of the Year Recognition Award

    Alumni of the Year Award

    $189.99 - $309.99

    Presented annually, the Alumni of the Year award recognizes alumnus or alumna for their outstanding contributions to the school and society through professional and personal excellence.

  • Distinguished Alumni Excellence Award

    Distinguished Alumni Award

    $139.99 - $199.99
     stars (3)

    The highest honor bestows upon alumni, "Distinguished Alumni Award" is presented in recognition of outstanding accomplishments. The Alumni Award sample, as shown, features a large sloping face for the title and school logo.


The hallowed halls of learning are hard to leave behind. There's just something about the educational experience, the memories made, the bonds of friendship forged, the knowledge gained—it's a tough experience to replicate. Alumni make an institute of learning what it is, so alumni appreciation gifts need to move beyond the generic.

Set the tone for alumni of the year awards with these gorgeous, reflective plaques. They can be deep-etch engraved at absolutely no additional cost with inspirational quotations, poetry, or a university alma mater. You can also easily customize the piece with a school seal or other detail work personal to your institution of higher learning. The weight and shine of each beautifully crafted piece will highlight that you've settled on truly unique alumni gift ideas.

It's difficult to choose an appreciation gift that distinguishes itself from the pack and stands out from all the other gifts, plaques, and certificates. But Crystal Central alumni recognition award plaques are truly one-of-a-kind. Why not invest in something as unique as the honoree is?

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