Personalized Ordination Gifts

If you're thinking about gift ideas for pastor ordination, your head and heart is in the right place. But the age-old question remains: what to give for a priest's ordination? One piece of advice: a custom crystal pastor ordination gift plaque is a great place to start.

At Crystal Central, we understand the profound significance of ordination—it’s a momentous step in an individual's spiritual path. Our personalized ordination gifts are more than just keepsakes. They’re bespoke treasures that mark a pivotal moment of achievement and divine calling. Each piece features the finest quality crystal, promising not only a stunning visual appeal but also an heirloom quality that lasts for generations. Whether you're honoring a friend, family member, or colleague, a Crystal Central personalized ordination gift is a luminous testament to their commitment and your shared bond in this spiritual journey.

  • Pastor Ordination Congratulations

    Ordination Congratulations Gift

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    Congratulations on your ordination! This ordination gifts congratulates the newly ordained deacons, pastors and priests as they begin service to God's people.

  • Congratulations Gift For Ordination

    Pastor Ordination Gift

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    Resembling the shape of an open Bible and featuring details from the ordinal ceremony, this ordination gift conveys a reverent congratulation for the newly ordained pastor.

Crystal Plaques with Personalized Wording and Scripture – Perfect Gift Idea for Pastor Ordination

Looking for ordination gifts for deacons, pastors, and priests? Crossing the threshold from religious study to religious practice is almost a holy occasion. What a remarkable end to one journey and beautiful start to another.

What is it exactly about luminous, lustrous crystal that takes people's breath away? It could be the natural-light-catching reflective properties of the material, or it could be how each detail seems to sparkle with life. Crystal Central uses this effortless beauty to create ordination gifts for priests and deacon ordination gifts with style and personalized flair. These pieces can also be deep-etch engraved with a custom message, beloved scripture or excerpt from a hymn at no additional cost. Add a church seal or logo for a little extra detail.

If you're stuck trying to sort out exactly what to give for an ordination, we've made it easy for you to get unstuck. Invest in a custom crystal pastor ordination gift plaque that will never fall out of favor, or go out of style.

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