Personalized Gifts for Pastor Birthdays

When the time comes to celebrate your pastor's big day, nothing should hold you back from making the special occasion a true moment of joy. Investing in personalized gifts for your pastor's birthday is probably the loveliest way to honor such a significant milestone. 

  • 50th Birthday Gift for Pastor

    Religious Pastor Birthday Gift

    $155.99 - $229.99
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    Mark a special milestone with a birthday gift for pastor that leaves a lasting impression. The purity of the Religious Pastor Birthday Gift has a holy beauty that’s hard to replicate!

  • Birthday Wishes and Verses for Pastor

    Pastor Birthday Appreciation Gift

    $139.99 - $219.99

    Our Pastor Appreciation Gift can be inscribed or detailed in honor of your beloved pastor on his milestone birthday. A gorgeous plaque and two-tiered base perfect for engraving defines the perfect Pastor Birthday Appreciation Gift.

  • Happy Birthday Gift Plaque for Pastor

    Pastor Happy Birthday Gift Plaque

    $135.99 - $199.99
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    Crowned with a cross and encircled with beaming light, the Pastor Happy Birthday Gift Plaque is one of those pieces destined for permanent display. Perfect for inscribing pastor birthday best wishes with scriptures.

  • Happy Birthday Poem to Pastor

    Christian Birthday Gift for Pastor

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    The stately grace of the Christian Birthday Gift for Pastor cannot be overstated. The perfect way to convey happy birthday wishes to pastor, this blended crystal gift is sure to delight.

  • Pastor 80th Birthday Best Wishes Gift

    Pastor Best Wishes Birthday Gift

    $159.99 - $209.99
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    When searching out a happy birthday gift for pastor, choose something that properly honors his or her devotion to God and the congregation. The Pastor Best Wishes Birthday Gift can be made as unique as the pastor it is celebrating!

Celebrate Pastor's Birthday with Personalized Crystal Pastor Gift Plaque

Celebrating a birthday is one of those rare occasions that is joyful, no matter the age or manner of celebration. Everyone likes looking back on a year filled with triumphs, failures, ups, and down. 

Crystal Central commits itself to using the highest quality materials and putting the most extreme care into the design phase. These custom-engraved, personalized gifts for pastors' birthdays were created with this specific occasion in mind. You can easily personalize them with names, dates, a church seal or logo, and any scripture, poem, or quotation of your choosing. If you can dream it up, Crystal Central can make that dream a reality. There's no better place to look when you're considering birthday gift ideas for your pastor, whether they're celebrating their 50th or 60th. No matter the year, these personalized crystal pastor gifts will suit any occasion. 

If you're not sure how to mark such a special occasion and still stuck thinking through gift ideas for your pastor's upcoming birthday, let these crystal creations make the decision for you. 

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