Engraved Crystal Employee Service Awards

Work Anniversary

Whether you are recognizing hard work or celebrating a work anniversary, we offer stunning personalized award plaques for employees. With gorgeous high-grade crystal and finely detailed engraving, Crystal Central's employee recognition awards are truly remarkable and will last year after year. 

  • Flame Employee Service Awards

    $115.99 - $199.99
     stars (16)

    With the length of service highlighted in gold, this Flame Employee Service Award offers sincere congratulations to staff celebrating key employee anniversary milestones.

  • #001

    Circle Service Recognition Plaques

    $109.99 - $179.99 $99.99 - $169.99
     stars (27)

    Characterized by the refined flowing lines, this Circle Service Recognition Plaque is an elegant plaque of choice to recognize loyal employees for years of dedicated service.

  • Diamond Length of Service Awards

    $119.99 - $219.99
     stars (5)

    Celebrate employee anniversaries in style and honor their loyalty with this elegant Diamond Length of Service Award - a gift of gratitude for their dedicated service.

  • Wave Employee Anniversary Awards

    $139.99 - $189.99
     stars (3)

    This Wave Employee Anniversary Award features a gold star emblem with embossed anniversary years. It is an excellent way to honor years of outstanding staff service.

  • Pinnacle Work Anniversary Gift Plaque

    $129.99 - $189.99
     stars (5)

    The Pinnacle Work Anniversary Gift plaque is designed to recognize your staff for long and dedicated service. The length of service, embellished with gold blossoms, can be customized to fit any milestone work anniversary.

  • Sunflower Long Service Awards

    $119.99 - $199.99
     stars (13)

    Sunflowers are symbolic of loyalty and constancy. This Sunflower Long Service Award is a befitting choice to honor career milestones and recognize years of loyal service.

  • Flame Shaped Years of Service Award Plaque

    $115.99 - $199.99
     stars (1)

    Celebrate employees work anniversaries with this Flame-shaped Crystal Years of Service Award Plaque. With Years of Service proudly displayed, this crystal flame award is a perfect token to recognize employee when they reach career milestones.

  • #574

    Employee Anniversary Award Tower

    $159.99 - $219.99
     stars (6)

    Employee anniversary awards express appreciation to loyal employees for their years of dedicated service. This Employee Anniversary Award Tower is a beautiful way to mark employee anniversary recognition.

  • Star Milestone Service Awards

    $179.99 - $279.99
     stars (6)

    With years of distinguished service shining on top, this Star Work Milestone Anniversary Award honors excellent staff performance and rewards years of dedicated service. A perfect gift to say happy work anniversary!

  • Service Recognition Certificate Plaque

    $129.99 - $169.99

    Reward the employees you can always count on, those who achieve much and remain loyal, with this gorgeous crystal Service Recognition Certificate Plaque. It’s a service recognition award that reflects the magnitude of the milestone.

Recognize Employee Loyalty with Custom Engraved Crystal Corporate Service Award Plaques

Show your appreciation with a stunning crystal award for employee service.

All of our employee years of service awards display recipient names as well as a message expressing honor and gratitude. You can choose your crystal employee service awards from several plaque designs.

We understand your employees will want to proudly show off their employee service award plaques right away, so we offer fast shipping worldwide. Go ahead and make their day - choose Crystal Central for your personalized award plaques for employees. Your employee years of service plaque will serve as a lasting reminder of your appreciation for their hard work.

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