Custom-Engraved Crystal Pastor Anniversary Gifts

Do you want to show your appreciation for your pastor’s support? Searching for ideas for ordination gifts for pastors has never been easier. Celebrate your pastor's steadfast dedication and milestone anniversaries with a token of appreciation that mirrors their luminous spirit. At Crystal Central, find pastor anniversary gifts that are not merely trinkets but also profound symbols of honor and respect.

Our selection of crystal pastor anniversary gifts is second to none, and we'll personalize your pastor anniversary plaque with a unique engraved message.

  • 1 Year in Ministry Anniversary Gift

    1st Anniversary Gift for Pastor

    $149.99 - $199.99
     stars (4)

    To mark that blessed first year in ministry with love and light, consider the 1st Anniversary Gift for Pastor. Its clarity and grace make it the perfect 1 year in ministry anniversary gift.

  • 5th Ordination Anniversary Gift  for Pastor

    5th Ordination Anniversary Gift

    $144.99 - $219.99
     stars (5)

    Celebrate five year commitment to faith and fellowship with a beautifully designed tribute like the Pastor 5th Ordination Anniversary Gift? Mark the milestone with a customized 5 years of ministry pastor anniversary gift made of the finest materials.

  • Pastor 10th Anniversary Appreciation Gift Plaque

    Pastor 10th Anniversary Appreciation Gift

    $129.99 - $219.99
     stars (34)

    Cut to resemble a flame and imprinted with praying hands, the Pastor 10th Anniversary Gift Plaque shines with beauty and truth. It’s the ultimate pastor 10 year anniversary plaque and is sure to delight anyone celebrating a decade of spiritual service.

  • Pastor 15 Year Anniversary Message

    15 Year Pastor Anniversary Gift Idea

    $129.99 - $229.99
     stars (20)

    Take the guesswork out of a 15th pastoral anniversary gift plaque by choosing this stunning, beveled piece, made of 100 percent optical crystal. The 15 Year Pastor Anniversary Gift Idea is profoundly beautiful, and effortlessly stylish.

  • 20 Years Pastor Anniversary Recognition Award

    20th Pastoral Anniversary Celebration Gift

    $169.99 - $229.99
     stars (8)

    The strength and beauty of the 20th Pastoral Anniversary Congratulation Gift convey the importance of committing two decades in service to the Lord. The design of our sample pastoral anniversary celebration gift idea is truly stunning.

  • 25th Ordination Anniversary Gift Plaque

    25th Ordination Anniversary Tribute

    $169.99 - $249.99
     stars (4)

    The detail work, the shimmering crystal and top-of-the-line craftsmanship make this 25th Ordination Anniversary Tribute the easy choice when deciding on a 25 years of ministry gift from church family.

  • 30th Anniversary Gift For Priest

    30th Pastoral Anniversary Gift Plaque

    $189.99 - $299.99
     stars (5)

    Celebrate three decades of tireless work with well-deserved flair by choosing to honor your church leader with the 30th Pastoral Anniversary Gift Plaque. It’s also a grand choice for that 30th anniversary gift for priest!

  • Pastor 40 Years Anniversary Gift Idea

    40th Pastoral Anniversary Gift Plaque

     stars (3)

    From the arching plaque to the two-tiered base, the 40th Pastoral Anniversary Gift can be customized in any way you choose. A Pastoral Anniversary gift that’s nearly as special as the honoree; it won’t disappoint.

  • 50 Year Anniversary Gift for Pastor and Wife

    50th Anniversary Gift for Pastor and wife

    $189.99 - $279.99
     stars (2)

    Honor your pastor and the First Lady with the beautiful pastoral golden jubilee anniversary gift. The 50 Year Anniversary Gift for Pastor and wife is cleverly designed to give parishioners a chance to thank the whole pastoral family.

  • Pastor and Wife Anniversary Gift Idea

    Pastor and Wife Anniversary Gift

    $169.99 - $249.99
     stars (22)

    The true beauty of our Pastor and Wife Anniversary Gift Plaque lies not in the gorgeous detail and shimmering crystal, but in the message behind it. A perfect anniversary tribute for pastor and his wife, this piece is truly special.

  • Pastor Jubilee Anniversary Gift Tower

    25th Ordination Anniversary Gift

    $169.99 - $239.99
     stars (5)

    Honor dedicated ministry service and rejoice with those who celebrating the anniversary of their Ordination to priesthood, deaconate, or other ministry.

  • Golden Anniversary in Pastoral Ministry Gift

    50th Ordination Anniversary Gift

    $149.99 - $189.99
     stars (9)

    50 years of ministry service is a big accomplishment. This unique gift is designed to rejoice with your pastors celebrating their anniversary milestones.

  • Pinnacle Pastor Appreciation Gift

    Ordination Anniversary Plaque

    $139.99 - $209.99
     stars (7)

    Adorned by the praying hands, this anniversary plaque honors a pastor's years of steadfast service to God. God Bless You on your ordination anniversary!

  • Celebrating Pastor’s Silver Jubilee

    Bible Ordination Anniversary Gift

    $169.99 - $249.99
     stars (18)

    Personalize with your favorite Bible verse, this unique anniversary gift expresses appreciation to those celebrating their anniversaries to priesthood or diaconate.


If you know a pastor who has made a difference in your life, surprise them with one of our gorgeous crystal pastor anniversary gift plaques. Their ministry work certainly deserves recognition, and our high-grade crystal plaques are a great way to show your admiration. Whether it's their first anniversary as a pastor or their 50th, our crystal pastor anniversary gift plaques are a thoughtful way to express your thanks.

Each piece in our assortment is customizable. Engrave a personal message, scripture, or a meaningful quote that resonates with your pastor's journey of faith and guidance. The brilliance of this fine crystal reflects the commitment and light your pastor brings to the community.

Whether commending a single year or a lifetime of service, our pastor anniversary gifts are keepsakes that will be treasured. Choose from an abundance of designs, then personalize your ordination gift with your pastor's name and a heartwarming message - we will take care of the rest. With fast shipping and exceptional attention to detail, we are sure your pastor will love our unique pastor anniversary gifts. Order your custom crystal pastor anniversary gift plaque today.

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