Personalized Graduation Gift Plaques

Celebrate the momentous achievement of graduation with Crystal Central's exquisitely crafted graduation plaques. Our plaques are not just gifts but timeless keepsakes that encapsulate the hard work, dedication, and personal growth of every graduate. Custom-engraved with precision, each piece conveys your heartfelt congratulations in a manner that’s as unique as the recipient's journey.

We provide an array of beautifully designed personalized graduation plaques for you to choose from! These breakthrough moments in life deserve to be remembered in the years to come, and what better way to seal the memory than with a gift they can cherish forever?

From medical school to law school and everything in between, we have a selection of engraved graduation gifts that your graduate will always hold onto. Design a personalized graduation plaque for your graduate today!

  • Graduation Congratulation Gift with “Secrets of Success” Quote

    College Graduation Gift Plaque

    $139.99 - $239.99
     stars (7)

    Ready to honor your loved one's college graduation in style? Surprise them with this exquisite Crystal College Graduation Gift Plaque, the perfect memento to celebrate their achievement with pride.

  • College Graduation Gift for Her

    High School Graduation Gift

    $129.99 - $209.99 $119.99 - $199.99
     stars (18)

    Searching for a unique grade school graduation gift that will truly stand out? Consider this circular Grade School Graduation Plaque. Personalize it with a quote or message to show how much you value their achievement.

  • Crystal Graduation Plaque from Family

    Graduation Congratulations Gift

    $169.99 - $249.99
     stars (12)

    Congratulate the class of 2016 high school or college graduate with the age old symbol of knowledge. The Graduation Congratulations Gift is a beautiful tribute for the graduate who has given everything he has to the pursuit of excellence.

  • Graduation Thank You Gift to Grandmother

    Graduation Appreciation Plaque

    $129.99 - $229.99

    Say thank you to parents or grandparents with an elegant gift like this Graduation Appreciation Gift Plaque.The Graduation Appreciation Gift Plaque is subtly beautiful and will mean the world to the loved ones of the happy graduates.

  • Sample Religious Graduation Gift Plaque

    2023 College Graduation Gift

    $159.99 - $239.99
     stars (3)

    A stunning blend of clear optical crystal and beautiful blue glass, the 2023 College Graduation Gift Plaque is sure to charm the College Graduate in your life. Stylish and sentimental, it would make a perfect college graduation gift for a best friend.

  • Congratulations Gift for Graduation

    Graduation Gift from Parents

    $149.99 - $249.99
     stars (32)

    Parents looking for graduation gifts should consider this crystal remembrance that their children can treasure forever. Personalized with inspirational quotes or messages, the Graduation Gift Plaque from Parents will charm your graduate for years.

  • Graduation Gift Cross for Pastor

    Christian Graduation Gift Cross

    $149.99 - $199.99
     stars (2)

    The stunning design of the Christian Graduation Gift Cross sets this piece apart from all the rest. If you know a seminary student about to celebrate the end of his or her studies, the Christian Graduation Gift is sure to be a highlight.

  •  Crystal Graduation Gift Plaque for A New Lawyer with Personal Congrats from Parents

    Law School Graduation Gift

    $129.99 - $239.99
     stars (19)

    For parents, loved ones and relatives looking for a law school graduation gift, this crystal Law School Graduation Gift Plaque would be an ideal law school graduation gift. It’s more than just a law school graduation gift, it’s a statement of success.

  • Law School Graduation Gift for Son

    Lawyer Graduation Gift

    $189.99 - $279.99
     stars (8)

    The regal pillars and scales of justice are design details that bring this gorgeous Lawyer Graduation Gift to life. An ideal law school graduation gift for son, it’s a piece every newly minted attorney should have in his or her office.

Say Congratulations to Your Graduate with Personalized Crystal Graduation Gift Plaque

We talk quite a bit about optical crystal throughout our site. Optical crystal is our preferred graduation and commencement plaque material for many reasons.

First, optical crystal stands the test of time. Unlike acrylics and plastics, it will never yellow, even with daily exposure to sunlight. Plus, optical crystal remains hard and solid. Forget about cracking.

Another advantage of optical crystal is its ability to allow light to pass through its smooth surfaces like a camera lens. However, when light bounces off the engraved areas, it forms beautiful rainbows and exudes a delightful warmth.

Finally, optical crystal shows that you take your graduate seriously. After all, this is the top-of-the-line material in the plaque world.

Whether you’re recognizing a high school milestone, college success, or a specialized training completion, our plaques will echo the significance of that special day and inspire future endeavors. Let our graduation plaques be the symbol of achievement that graduates cherish for years.

Send a Plaque When You Cannot Be There in Person

Your schedule may not allow you to be present at your favorite graduate's ceremony or after-ceremony celebratory gathering. DIY Awards will enable you to create a fantastic gift from the comfort of your home and have it delivered to your graduate. We can even send your graduation paque via express shipping, in case you need your surprise to reach your recipient fast.

Need to purchase several personalized graduation plaques for a class of eager learners about to receive diplomas or certificates? Call us to talk about our current promotions. Our team welcomes your questions and looks forward to serving you!

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