Employee Recognition Awards & Plaques

Employee Recognition

At Crystal Central, we provide you with the opportunity to create custom employee recognition plaques made from highly durable optical crystal. Whether you wish to give an employee service award or a retirement plaque, you can count on our precisely engraved, personalized employee recognition award plaques.

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    Circle Employee Award Plaques

    $109.99 - $179.99 $99.99 - $169.99
     stars (367)

    A very classic and elegant design, this employee appreciation award plaque offers large personalization space, an excellent gift for employee appreciation day.

  • Crystal Flame Employee of the Year Award Plaque

    $115.99 - $199.99
     stars (6)

    With "Employee of the Year" highlighted on the side banner, this flame shaped crystal employee recognition award is given annually to honor top performing employees of the year for their outstanding achievement.

  • Hexagon Employee Recognition Awards

    $125.99 - $169.99
     stars (1)

    Recognize outstanding employees for a job well done with this crystal hexagon employee recognition award tower! This stunning crystal award honors employees for dedicated service and exemplary performance.

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    Crystal Star Employee of the Year Awards

    $159.99 - $199.99 $149.99 - $189.99
     stars (4)

    Decorated with stars & stripes, this Star Employee of the Year award recognizes employee excellence and honors the star performers of the workforce. This employee recognition award is a great way to recognize excellence and boost morale.

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    Peak Award of Excellence

    $149.99 - $189.99 $139.99 - $179.99
     stars (14)

    Recognize an individual's brilliant contributions and outstanding performance to your organization with this prominent Peak Award of Excellence. This award is an ideal way to commend a soldier for succeeding the peak in his military duties.

  • Summit Employee of the Year Awards

    $125.99 - $179.99
     stars (2)

    Featuring sharp lines and clean cuts, this Crystal Summit Employee of the Year Award Plaque is an excellent choice to recognize top achievers for outstanding performances.

  • Crystal Globe Employee Recognition Award Tower

    $189.99 - $219.99
     stars (1)

    The engraved crystal globe on top of this stunning crystal award tower makes a statement about the accomplishments. This crystal Globe Award is great to recognize best employee of the year during annual dinner.

  • Zenith Corporate Recognition Plaques

    $169.99 - $209.99
     stars (3)

    Featuring a multi-faceted crystal plaque with a crystal ball sitting on top, this Corporate Recognition Plaque speaks of vision, leadership and achievements.

  • Crystal Corporate Recognition Award Tower

    $159.99 - $209.99

    Recognize employee excellence with this stunning crystal corporate recognition award tower. This unique obelisk crystal trophy are pronounced in form and rightfully exemplify outstanding employee performance and achievement .

  • Diamond Corporate Awards

    $119.99 - $219.99
     stars (6)

    To honor outstanding corporate accomplishments, this crystal diamond-shaped award tower makes a memorable corporate gift for award winners.

  • Employee Superstar Award

    $125.99 - $169.99
     stars (1)

    Thank the high achievers in your office with this stunning Super Star Award. It's easy to personalize and is sure to take Super Star Employee Recognition to the next level.


Whether you're attending a company luncheon or an awards ceremony, regardless of the occasion, you can celebrate by giving an employee a recognition plaque they'll treasure for years. These personalized gifts are great employee of the month awards as well.

Need to present plaques or awards in a hurry? We ship fast and worldwide! Order your custom employee recognition awards now.

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