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5 College Graduation Gifts To Give To Yourself (Because You Deserve It)

Spring is here, which means graduation season has officially "commenced." Every year, 1.8 million students receive a bachelor's degree and 40,000 students graduate from law school.

Although graduation is sometimes overlooked by students in light of job searches and the relief that the difficult part is finally over, your graduation is something worth celebrating. That being said, here are a few ways you can celebrate yourself after commencement. After all, you deserve it.


  1. Go on an adventure. You've been working so hard for so long; you deserve a fun break. Consider making a list of fun experiences you want to try and then go on an adventure. Try new foods, go Salsa dancing, visit a historic building. Do something exciting you've always wanted to try. You won't regret it.
  2. Set up a graduation plaque. Graduation plaques are a professional way to honor your hard work and ambition. Although a diploma is a symbol of accomplishment in itself, graduation plaques are a way of saying you've truly succeeded. Be sure to place it somewhere special so you can always be reminded of what you've achieved.
  3. Create a college campus photo book. Once you leave your college, you're sure to miss some of your favorite spots. Consider creating a campus photo books commemorating the fun times you had so you can look back on them any time you like. If you can't spend your afternoon our on the quad, at least you can look back and cherish those fond memories any time.
  4. Splurge on something wearable for your career. After you graduate, you've officially entered the job market. Consider buying something your future self would be proud of or would be happy to have. For instance, a good pair of pumps or a sleek tie will come in handy later on and you'll feel good about yourself when you wear them.
  5. Go somewhere you've always wanted to visit. It's all too easy to get caught up in academics and put off going to places you've always wanted to visit. Now that you've graduated, consider going on a trip somewhere you've always wanted to go -- even if it means going by yourself. Post-graduation is the best time for a vacation because you won't have the stress of schoolwork or job searching on your shoulders just yet.

In the grand scheme of life, your graduation is one event you won't want to forget. Whether you're looking for graduation appreciation gifts, wedding anniversary ideas, or veteran appreciation gifts, Crystal Central has the answer you need. To learn more about our graduation plaques, contact Crystal Central today.

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