Sample Designs & Wording Messages
  • Graduation Thank You Gift to Grandmother


    Upon My Graduation

    To My Grandmother

    Dear Grandma

    Thank you for always guiding,
    loving, and cherishing me.

    Award in recognition for
    your ongoing love, support, and
    dedication of Jennifer Wards

    A Gift From Class of 2016 Graduate

    Thank You!

  • Graduation Appreciation Plaque for Parents


    Mom & Dad:

    You taught me about life by example.
    You held my hands for many years,
    supported me through joys and tears. 

    Today, as I graduate from college,
    I am flooded with memories of the past,
    and excited about what the future holds.

    But Most of all, I think of you and all
    you have given me. And I want to say
    “Thank You” for all of your love, 
    encouragement and support.

    And though I’m grown and on my own,
    my heart will always be tied to home.


    All that we are & all
    that we hope to be, we owe
    to our loving parents!

  • Graduation Gift for Teacher/Mentor/Instructor


    Company #15-88 would like to thank you
    for your guidance and support during our
    training at the NYPD Police Academy.

    To Our Favorite Instructor/Coach

    We will always remember your sense of
    humor and hope to cross paths again
    during our journey with the NYPD.

    Thank You!

  • Graduation Appreciation Gift for Mother


    Upon My Graduation

    As I move through 
    This chapter of my Life
    I am eternally 

    Grateful & Blessed

    To have been gifted a mother
    such as you. I have achieved
    so much and thanks to you, 
    I can look for a bright future.
    Thank you for providing me with
    your beautiful and loving spirit. 

    I Love You

    To My Mother,

    Appreciation Gift from Your Daughter



Product Description

It’s hard to imagine making it through college or even high school without loved ones cheering you along the way. Those late night study sessions, difficult course material, challenging paper topics and frustrating exams would be tough to overcome without gracious teachers, dear friends and beloved family members. Say thank you to all those supporters with an elegant gift like the Graduation Appreciation Gift Plaque.

A beautiful hand written note, more poetry than prose, adorns our sample plaque. “You taught me about life by example. You held my hands for many years, supported me through joys and tear.” That kind of gratitude looks beautiful deep-etch engraved on a graduation appreciation gift for mother and set off with borders and filigree. This would also work perfectly as a graduation gift idea for teacher, who has toiled in the classroom for such a long time, trying to make a difference.

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