Gifts To Get Your Graduate Based on Their Major

Gifts To Get Your Graduate Based on Their Major

Graduating with a new degree—no matter if it’s an Associate’s or a Bachelor’s—is an accomplishment worth celebrating. Choosing how to celebrate a college graduate can be difficult, however, if you’re hoping to find a gift that really captures who they are. Giving a gift themed around their major is a great way to show you care about what they spent the last few years investing in and that you want to see them continue with their passion.

For some students, the best gift will be something practical they can use every day in their future job. For others, books, gadgets, or toys will remind them why they love what they do for a living. If you’d like to give your graduate a gift that lasts longer than celebratory balloons and is more personal than a planner, look to this list for some of the best gifts to get your graduate based on their major.

Liberal Arts


Philosophy majors are fit for a range of positions—from business to education to law. A classic gift for any new philosopher is a bust of their inspirational figure; it’s a reminder to think critically and remain aware. Themed bookends could add to their home office as they contain their endless collection of textbooks, essay collections, and novels.


Even if your English major isn’t going into teaching, these graduates tend to find a use for ample stationery, especially sticky tabs that let them organize their thoughts. English majors might also appreciate a piece of classic literature with a cover that makes them proud to put their favorite book on display. Looks for books that are signed by their authors or have gilded edges or stunning cover art.


For Communication majors, it’s all about impressions. For some, a great tie is the perfect gift to help them get their foot in the door. For others, a sleek laptop bag or engraved pen set will be something they can be proud of and reflect on, as well as being a great potential conversation starter so they can show off their skills.


A sweet way to show a Language major just how far they’ve come is purchasing a kid’s book they grew up with in their newly learned language. Though likely a simple read for them, this gesture makes their progress feel as huge as it is.


Information Technology

Despite their love for technology, IT graduates may not actually want a smart gadget as a celebration of learning how those devices work. Instead, look for gifts that will organize their life as they go through the chaos of IT. Desk pads, waterproof keyboard covers, and laptop stands make great gifts for these grads.

Computer Science

Computer science is a big field filled with intense, detail-oriented, stressful work. If your Computer Science graduate love robotics, buy them an all-ages robotics kit they can use for stress relief and fun. If they’re a fan of building computers, they might enjoy an Arduino builder kit. Or, if you know they’ll be doing a lot of programming, they’ll surely thank you endlessly for blue-light filtering glasses, which will look as great as they work.


A little bit of nature goes a long way when it comes to Biology majors. Prints of X-rays, cell slides, or anatomical art might be fun décor for an eccentric biologist. Lab technicians will appreciate a great set of solvent-proof pens or some stickers and magnets to make their gear a little more unique in a sterile environment.


Mathematics majors have a nearly infinite amount of variety in their interests, as math shows itself in all areas and hobbies. Many mathematicians will always appreciate puzzles boxes or casual novels about modern math applications and questions. Financially minded math majors will forever appreciate a stock bought in their name while those looking to teach might prefer math accessories such as themed scarves, ties, or golden ratio earrings.



For new chefs, practicality is everything. Whether the gift is for their home or work, think knife sets, small kitchen gadgets, or even a small first aid kit. Extra personalization can go into embroidered aprons or an engraved finishing spoon. If your culinary graduate is looking to change the dining scene, be the one to get them their first recipe journal so they can keep track of their ideas.

Police Academy

New police officers have braced themselves for a difficult yet rewarding career in civil service. With how demanding the Police Academy itself is, consider a Police Academy graduation gift so they’ll remember how significant that accomplishment was. Also bear in mind practical gifts, such as blackout curtains and noise machines for new cops that work the late shift.


Nursing was a taxing field even before the pandemic, so students who choose to pursue this vital work should be celebrated. Nurses are yet another major that will appreciate customized but functional gifts, such as engraved tumblers to take with them before a long shift. Comfortable, supportive shoes and a bag to carry to and from work will also be deeply appreciated in the long run.


For graduates beginning legal work, their gifts should be as no-nonsense as they are—but still fun, of course. Organization for their desk will help keep their influx of work under control, so consider a classy wooden phone case, pen holders, or sophisticated bookends to bring personality to their new office. Custom nameplates are also appreciated as a signifier that they’ve made it.

Graduating is a huge deal so graduation gifts should be, too. If you’re still unsure about gifts to give your graduate based on their major, give them an award of personalized crystal, which can travel with them and remind them how much they can accomplish no matter where they go. We at Crystal Central are happy to help you choose the perfect custom graduation gift plaque that will inspire a sense of well-earned pride in your student as they begin their career journey.

Gifts To Get Your Graduate Based on Their Major

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