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How to Write Graduation Messages and Graduation Wishes

How can you put into words the absolute pride and sense of accomplishment that comes with graduation? The graduates themselves usually beam through the ceremony and after parties. But, if it’s possible, the friends, family members and loved ones of graduates are even more euphoric. Commencement is such a joyous occasion. It’s essential that graduation wishes and graduation messages convey that.

A Wish for a Special Day, And Bright Future

Graduation wishes come from the heart, but sometimes it’s difficult to put them down on paper. If you’re stuck trying to craft the perfect note filled with graduation wishes for you daughter or graduation wishes for your son, it’s important to keep this basic rule in mind. Simple and sincere is better. Don’t waste time trying to come up with flowery sentiment. Clean, clear and from the heart is the best bet.

If you get stuck coming up with something altogether, consider a graduation acrostic. Use the example below as a guide:

Greatness will come with hard work
Real challenges will unfold
Aspirational goals will be set
Diligence will be rewarded
Under pressure, you will be tested
Academia will prove useful
True joy and bliss awaits, but first…
Enjoy the moment of commencement!

This whimsical graduation congratulation wish is sure to make anyone’s day that much brighter.

A Message To Carry With Them

As your loved one’s graduation draws closer, you’ll want to spend some serious time thinking  a gift. The perfect way to display a graduation message for a friend or a graduation message for a son or daughter is to invest in a crystal remembrance that can be personalized and detailed. It’s so much more than a gift, it’s a touchstone; a symbol of what has come before and what lies ahead.

Congratulation messages should be deep-etch engraved, not painted or written, because you want those carefully chosen words to leave an impression for a lifetime. If you’re stumped about how to get started, Hallmark has a lot of heartfelt samples to give you inspiration. Make the most of your loved one’s graduation by preserving a message of appreciation with true dignity.

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