3 Ways to Say Thank You to Teachers

3 Ways to Say Thank You to Teachers

The end of the school year is when teachers and students part. Students ought to do something special for their devoted teachers, and parents ought to either encourage these students or celebrate their teacher’s themselves. Read these ways to say thank you to teachers to make the end of the year special.

An End-of-Year Thank-You Video

If your child transitioned to at-home e-learning for the end of the school year, there’s little better they can do than making a thank-you video to brighten their teacher’s day from afar. Make sure they thank them for their long nights spent grading papers and every weekday they got up front and presented new concepts, guiding each student if they got confused along the way. Give your kids free rein—they’re the ones with a close relationship with the teacher, after all, and their creativity when making the video will make their teacher smile. It’s always nice for a teacher when students go the extra mile, especially as they send them off to the next grade.

Volunteer to Help Them

Alternatively, you and your child can volunteer to help their teacher. While present shelter-in-place orders make proximity difficult, there may be a way you can safely help them disassemble their classroom. Also, come fall, give them a chance to see their old student again and get their classroom set up by volunteering your and your child’s services then. This is often when teachers have the biggest need, and it’s one other people can help with.

Give an Unforgettable Gift

Of course, you can always give a thoughtful gift to say thank you to teachers in your life. Buying a classroom decoration that fits their classroom scheme is a favorite option, while gift cards are always welcome. The more you know about the teacher, the more you can tailor it to their liking. Overall, ensuring there’s a personal touch so they can remember this year, your family, and their students makes a thank-you meaningful. If they feel led, encouraging your child to write a letter to their teacher ties a fine bow on the year, and their teacher is sure to keep it for a long time.

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