A Buyer’s Guide to Pastor Ordination Gifts

A Buyer’s Guide to Pastor Ordination Gifts

Ordination is the process in which pastors become authorized to perform religious ceremonies. This ordination is a high honor and a major milestone in a pastor’s career. Therefore, it’s an occasion worth celebrating. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone’s ordination, here’s a buyer’s guide to pastor ordination gifts.

Thoughtful Card

The first gift idea for a pastor’s ordination is a thoughtful card. A hand-written card is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to show respect and congratulate a pastor on their ordination day. You can get a pre-written card specifically for ordination occasions or a blank card and write whatever you’d like to say to your pastor. There’s no better way to say everything on your mind than by writing it down on a card. Ordinations are a special occasion for pastors, and a thoughtful card is a wonderful way to say congratulations on your achievements.

Personalized Bible

A personalized bible is another great idea for a pastor ordination gift. Pastors devote their lives to the word of God, so what better way to say congrats than with a personalized holy text? The best part of this gift is that it’s functional. A personalized bible is a beautiful sentiment, and your pastor can also use it to continue studying the scripture and participate in bible studies at church. You can personalize the bible with an engraving of their name and their ordination date to make it special for them, and they can cherish the gift for years to come.

Crystal Plaque

The third gift for a pastor on their day of ordination is a crystal plaque. When someone achieves an important milestone in their life, it’s a great idea to commemorate the occasion with a trophy or plaque of some kind so that they can remember that day for the rest of their lives. A crystal plaque is a lovely way to honor your pastor and represent all the accomplishments that they’ve worked so hard to achieve. Your pastor can put the plaque in their church office to show off their special honor or bring it home and put it on their mantle to take pride in that moment of their career.

Engraved Chalice

An engraved chalice is another creative gift idea for pastor ordinations. The chalice holds deep religious symbolism because people have used it as a Holy Communion tool for centuries. For example, in many Christian denominations, people use a chalice to hold sacramental wine in ceremonial practices. An engraved chalice is a stunning gift for a pastor on their ordination day because it represents their work to spread the good word of Christ to the masses. The pastor can use this gift in ceremonies, or they can use it as décor in their home, office, or church.


The fifth gift that you can get a pastor on their ordination is a crucifix. For generations, people have worn religious jewelry to represent their beliefs and faith. A crucifix is one of the most popular symbols in all of Christianity. There’s no mistaking the powerful image of Christ on the cross. This symbol shows the ultimate sacrifice that Christ made for God and His people, and a pastor of all people will appreciate its meaning. Your pastor can wear this gift around their neck to remember their ordination and the work that they do every day to bring people closer to God.

Gift Card

A gift card is another thoughtful gift to give your pastor on their ordination day. Gift cards are an easy and affordable way to congratulate someone on a special occasion. If you happen to know your pastor’s favorite store or restaurant, you can get them a gift card so that they can purchase something for themselves that they’ll love. For example, you could also get them a gift card to a religious book store so that they can buy holy texts for themselves or the church.

Flower Arrangement

Flower arrangements are one of the most traditional ways to show support for the important people in your life. There are several occasions where flowers are an appropriate and beautiful gift, and an ordination is one of those occasions. You can choose from a variety of flowers and arrangement styles in whatever colors you’d like. For example, lilies are a great choice for ordination arrangements because they represent spiritual enlightenment and connections to God. However, any flower is a lovely gift that your pastor can enjoy and display to remember this special day.

Church Donation

The next suggestion for an ordination gift for pastors is a church donation. Pastors work tirelessly to bring the word of God to the masses, guide people on their spiritual paths, and connect people to their faith. Churches are also typically very involved in the community and often do great work to help people who are less fortunate. Because of these great efforts, a church donation is a wonderful way to help your pastor and church do more of this beneficial work in the community and continue bringing people closer to God.

Celebration Party

A celebration party is also a great way to congratulate pastors on their ordination. Everyone enjoys a good celebratory get-together to commemorate a special occasion. You can gather all the people from your church and the friends and family of your pastor and get them together to show them your love and support. You can celebrate at a local restaurant or event space or throw a party in the comfort of your home. Wherever you choose to celebrate, ensure you have all the supplies you need to accommodate all the guests.

Religious Gift

The final gift idea for pastor ordinations is a religious gift. Because your pastor is devoting their life to important spiritual work, a religious-themed gift is perfect to congratulate them on taking this step in their career. There are all kinds of religious gifts that you can choose for them on their ordination. For example, you can get them religious jewelry, religious books, religious clothing, etc. You can even choose a gift with a bit of humor, like a silly pair of Jesus-inspired socks or a Jesus bobblehead to put on their desk.

Now that you have a guide for buying pastor ordination gifts, you can find the perfect item for your pastor on their special day. Crystal Central has an extensive collection of beautiful ordination gifts for pastors that will help your pastor commemorate their achievements.

A Buyer’s Guide to Pastor Ordination Gifts

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