Dos and Don’ts of a Professional Thank-You and Send-Off

Dos and Don’ts of a Professional Thank-You and Send-Off

The importance of professionalism and sending off an employee with a thank you is critical in any workplace setting. Professionalism is the cornerstone of how we interact with one another. When an employee is retiring or leaving a company, it’s important that you maintain that level of respect while also showing gratitude for all their hard work over the years. A retirement send-off provides a way to show appreciation appropriately, perhaps by writing thank you notes, sharing happy memories from their time at the company, and getting them a farewell gift. It’s also important to ensure your send-off does not focus on negative aspects of their time there but rather on celebrating what they have achieved in their career and thanking them for being part of your team. Here are the dos and don’ts of a professional thank-you and send-off.

The Dos

Retirement is a milestone in someone’s life that’s worth celebrating. And it’s important to know how to handle a professional thank-you and send-off properly and appropriately when an employee retires. You want their experience to be positive and memorable so that they can fondly remember their years at your company. Continue reading to find out what things to do during a professional send-off.

Show Your Gratitude

When an employee is leaving a company, it is important to show gratitude for their hard work and dedication. You can do this through thank you notes, verbal appreciation, or thoughtful gifts recognizing their contributions. A handwritten note of gratitude is a great way to make the retiree feel special and recognized for all their years of service. In addition, verbally expressing your admiration during meetings or lunches can also help them feel appreciated before they leave the company.

Write a Thank You Note

When writing a retirement thank you note to an employee, it is important to be sincere and genuine. Begin by thanking the individual for their contributions over the years and show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication. You may also want to highlight any special skills or accomplishments that made them stand out from others and any challenges they faced while working with your company. Finally, let them know how much they will be missed when they leave the company but wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

Share Happy Memories

When sharing happy memories of an employee’s time at a company, focusing on the positive aspects is important. You can include any milestones they achieved or special skills and traits that made them stand out from others. Sharing these memories can be done through verbal appreciation during meetings or lunches and organizing a farewell party with colleagues to celebrate the retiree’s career accomplishments. During this event, try to ensure everyone has a chance to share positive reflections on their time working together so that the employees who remain at the company can recall the fond times they spent with the retiree even after they leave.

Get a Farewell Gift

When selecting a farewell gift for an employee, it is important to choose something that reflects the hard work they’ve put in over the years. A personalized gift such as an engraved plaque is a great way to honor their time at the company. Alternatively, tickets for upcoming events such as concerts or sporting matches may also be suitable gifts depending on the individual’s interests. Quality retirement gifts such as golf clubs (for those who love golfing), travel accessories (for those who enjoy traveling), or books (for those looking forward to reading in retirement) are also thoughtful presents.

Throw a Send-Off Celebration

It’s also a great idea to throw a send-off celebration that honors the time the individual spent at your company. The best way to do this is by organizing a retirement party that allows everyone to come together and celebrate in style. Whether you host a lunch or dinner at a local restaurant, organize an office gathering, or even set up an online video chat, there are plenty of options available depending on budget and personal preference.

The Don’ts

Now that you know what to do during an employee’s retirement, it’s important to know what not to do. When sending off an employee, it’s essential to maintain a professional atmosphere throughout the entire process. You’ll want to avoid inappropriate expressions of gratitude that may be insensitive or unprofessional. Continue reading to find out more about what not to do during a professional send-off.

Don’t Focus on the Negative

It’s very important not to focus on the negative moments from the retiree’s time at your organization. The last thing you want to do is make their final moments at the company negative or unhappy. Instead, you can highlight any special projects or initiatives they spearheaded, recognize any awards or accolades they won while with your team, and compliment them for being a great mentor and leader who was always there when needed.

Don’t Make Them Feel Bad

When saying goodbye to an employee, it is important to maintain a positive and supportive atmosphere throughout the entire process. Try not to use any language or behavior that could make the individual feel bad for choosing retirement as their next path in life. For example, do not focus on conversations about how much you wish they wouldn’t retire, as this may give them a feeling of guilt and regret.

Don’t Get an Inappropriate Gift

When sending off an employee, it is important to avoid giving any gifts that could be seen as inappropriate in the workplace. It’s best to avoid risqué designs or messages that may come across as too personal. You should always avoid these types of items regardless of whether they are humorous. Furthermore, try to steer away from items like clothing, as it can easily be misconstrued. Instead, opt for more practical presents, such as personalized mugs or engraved plaques.

Now that you know how to handle a professional employee send-off, you can use these strategies today. And make sure to check out Crystal Central’s amazing selection of retirement plaques that make wonderful gifts for an employee send-off.

Dos and Don’ts of a Professional Thank-You and Send-Off

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