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4 Unique Ways To Make Your Worker's Retirement Truly Memorable

It's important to celebrate your employee's achievements and hard work. Up to 86% of companies who reward their workers for the work they do report an increased happiness among employees. When a worker receives employee recognition, it tells that person their company appreciates them.

One of the best ways to show an employee how much they mean to your company is to give them a retirement award at the end of their employment. Retirement is significant and marks a time in your employee's life where their relationship with your company changes. You want to be sure your employee's retirement is a memorable one.

But how can you ensure your employee's retirement is truly memorable? Consider the following tips.

    1. Plan a retirement celebration
      Not every employee is the same. When you plan your employee's retirement celebration, you want to be sure they're not the type to prefer a small dinner when you've planned an office party. Consider talking to your coworkers or directly to your retiring employee if the celebration isn't a surprise. You want to be sure your worker truly feels appreciated and known by your company.
    2. Give a personalized plaque of appreciation
      Crystal plaques that are personally engraved are a great and unique retirement gift that expresses your gratitude. Your worker can look at their retirement award in admiration for years to come and remember their fond memories of the company and their co-workers. What's more, the beauty of an engraved crystal award highlights your company's appreciation as well as your personal well-wishes.
    3. Sign a retirement book
      Cards are great, but if your employee or colleague has been working for the company for years, odds are a card won't fit all the memories their co-workers will want to share. Consider gifting your retiring employee with a memory book and pass it around the office for others to sign.
    4. Celebrate a company memory
      Consider celebrating a company memory of your retiring employee through a brief presentation, a framed photograph, or crystal thank you gifts. It may be difficult to choose one thing from years of an employee's hard work. However, your gratitude for what your worker has done for the company can sometimes best come through telling a single indispensable story. Not only will this make your employee feel special, but it can also improve the culture of your workplace.

Retirement is a significant time in your employee's life. Make their retirement a time to remember with a personalized crystal retirement award to show your genuine appreciation of their hard work.

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