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Your Pastor's Retirement: What's The Perfect Gift?

A retirement celebration is a great way to say thank you to someone who's had a meaningful impact on your life. A pastor's retirement is especially bittersweet, as they've been a comforting and welcoming presence to the congregation for years.

A pastor has seen members of the church at their best and worst, which makes them particularly special in the lives of their congregation. For this reason, it's worthwhile to set aside feelings of sadness to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Your Pastor's Retirement: How To Show Your Appreciation
It can be a struggle to find the best way to show your pastor your appreciation for all their hard work and meaningful words. You want your thanks to come across as professional and genuine, and any gift ideas you have might seem underwhelming compared to the impact they had on your life.

Here are a few pastor appreciation gifts to consider to send your pastor off to retirement on the right foot.

    1. Plan a surprise service. During a Sunday service, you can be sure that most of (if not all) the congregation will be present to give your pastor a proper send-off. Consider surprising your pastor with a service of your own with kind words and stories about how your pastor helped all of those in attendance. The average age of retirement is 63 and, depending on how long your pastor has been with your congregation, that's quite a number of years spent helping others in their personal and spiritual journeys.
    2. Give a traditional retirement award. Christian retirement gifts come in all shapes and sizes, but there's nothing quite like a traditional crystal retirement award. A personalized crystal plaque says just how momentous the occasion is and you won't have to worry about it being too formal or casual a gift.
    3. Put together a memory book. A congregation is like a second family, especially to a pastor. Consider having members of the congregation bring in photos to create a memory book together. Your pastor will be able to look back on the people whose lives they've touched and remember fondly the times they had at their beloved church.

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