What To Get a Pastor for His Ordination Anniversary

What To Get a Pastor for His Ordination Anniversary

If the anniversary of your favorite pastor's ordination is approaching, you might already be wracking your brain for appropriate ways to celebrate this special occasion. Or maybe you've heard other people from your church discussing the upcoming event, but you're fuzzy on what ordination is and what it's all about. In this guide, we'll explain what ordination is and what makes it such a momentous occasion, as well as offer some ideas on what to get a pastor for his ordination anniversary.

What's Ordination, and What Makes It Special?

Ordination is a significant event in the lives of clergy members, such as pastors. It's when a pastor or assistant pastor is given the authority to lead other members of the church in church duties. This gives them the ability to conduct worship services and give sermons, amongst other important responsibilities.

Candidates for ordination are typically chosen by the local church after a period of observation. The church specifically chooses people who possess a thorough knowledge of Biblical truth and have proven to be effective at conveying these truths to the other people in their ministries. Once the candidates are chosen, a council and the ordination candidate convene on a set day. The candidate is asked to provide their salvation testimony, call to the ministry, and doctrinal positions, which are carefully reviewed by members of the council. If the council approves of the candidate, they move on to the next round of the process. During the next service, the church votes whether to ordain the pastor. If they’re chosen to be ordained, the congregation’s other ordained men and deacons place their hands on the candidate and officially consecrate them.

The process of becoming ordained is long and arduous. Only the most qualified candidates are chosen to become a candidate, and only the most qualified of the candidates are selected go on to be ordained. This makes being chosen for ordainment an extraordinary honor.

Gift Ideas for Your Pastor's Ordination Anniversary

Many pastors look back upon his ordination day fondly. They put a lot of time and effort into becoming ordained, after all. Many members of the church will choose to present their pastor with a gift during the anniversary of their ordination in order to congratulate them on their accomplishments and show support. If you want to gift your pastor something meaningful on this special day but have yet to settle on what that meaningful thing should be, here are some creative ideas on what to get a pastor for his ordination anniversary.

Religious Literature

Your pastor most likely has several Bibles on hand already, which unfortunately makes giving him another one redundant. However, pastors are always looking to expand their spiritual knowledge and explore new ways to impart this knowledge to their flock. A basket full of other religious and spiritual books will provide them with hours of interesting and informative content.

Stress Relievers

Pastors often work more than the traditional 5 days, 40 hours a week. They need to plan sermons and perform many other duties around the church to ensure the members of their congregation can flourish. Unfortunately, in the selfless act of caring for others, many pastors are prone to neglecting their own well-being. In fact, a 2006 study by the Francis A Schaeffer Institute of Church Leadership Development discovered that 75% of pastors are either “extremely stressed” or “highly stressed” due to the heavy demands of their profession. There are many ways to help ease the burden on your pastor, such as by volunteering in the church and helping around the pastor's home. It doesn't hurt to ask if they need a babysitter, someone to help with lawn maintenance, or if there’s some other task they need to get done but don't have the time for. The simplest way you can offer your pastor some relief from their long work hours, however, is by gifting them various stress relief gadgets, such as a stress relief ball, moldable putty, or even fidget spinners. These may seem like odd presents to give a pastor, but they'll appreciate them when they're feeling out-of-sorts and need a quick and mindless distraction.

Something Related To Their Hobbies

Your pastor has a life outside of the church as well. If you're familiar with a few of the activities your pastor enjoys doing in his free time, consider getting him a present that reflects these hobbies and interests. If your pastor loves to paint, you can get him a few canvases, a new set of brushes, or an adjustable, ergonomic seat so he can sit down when working. If he's a big supporter of local sports teams, head online to purchase some team merchandise, such as a shirt or coffee mug, or even nab him a ticket to his favorite team's next game. For music-loving pastors, a Spotify gift card or a set of new headphones will make listening to their favorite jams easier and more enjoyable.

Flowers and Other Plants

There's no present that's more heartfelt and universally loved than flowers. For his ordination anniversary, you can give your pastor a bouquet of summery flowers, potted plants for his garden, or even a miniature fruit tree that will bless him and his family with an abundance of delicious fruits every year. The vibrant green leaves and colorful flowers or fruits are sure to brighten his day and make his home look more beautiful, as well as smell more fragrant.

Crystal Plaque

A personalized crystal plaque is the perfect ordination anniversary present for your pastor if you want to give him something that's timeless and that conveys your words of support succinctly. You can customize the plaque to your heart's content, including things such as a personal, heartfelt message about everything your pastor has done for you or an inspiring and encouraging Bible verse.

If you're looking for a beautiful crystal plaque to celebrate your pastor's ordination anniversary, Crystal Central has a wide variety of stunning pastor anniversary gifts to choose from. Come and design an anniversary plaque for your pastor today!

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