What To Get a Graduating Police Officer

What To Get a Graduating Police Officer

Any graduation carries the stress of the future with it. Moving on to a new life—a new career you’ll plunge your time into—means making a certain kind of commitment. For police academy graduates, their stresses are high as they wade into an uncertain field full of danger. And the commitment they’re about to make is daunting.

To properly recognize the work these graduates put in up to this point and their pledge to serve and protect in the future, get them something that fits the occasion. To give you some inspiration for what to get a graduating police officer you know, read this helpful list of gifts that either recognize a job well done, help them in their future job, or allow them to enjoy their off time.

To Recognize Their Accomplishment

First, a gesture that shows graduates you see their hard work up to this point needs to be big. This is a transition point in their life, and your recognition enables them to productively process it and move forward. Plus, police academy life is simply difficult—it’s full of strenuous physical training and an overflow of information. Getting over that hump deserves some celebration.

A Plaque

Your first gift idea, a custom crystal police academy graduation plaque, is the most direct means of commemorating this big day. They act as a freeze-frame for graduation day, a reference point they can return to as their life as a police officer evolves. This beautiful physical representation of their schooling will become a precious display piece they want front-and-center for a long time. Customize yours with a heartfelt message to encourage or a quote to spur them on to excellence. Don’t forget—Crystal Central provides graduation plaques for every single kind of graduate, so others can receive this same experience.

Custom Art

If you want a different type of personalized, custom present, consider the benefits of buying a one-of-a-kind painting or art piece. Art has the uncanny ability to lend a sort of language to a complicated event. A graduation, what with all its endings and beginnings, certainly fits that bill. Search for something that communicates their experience and their person. Pieces that use the badge, flag, and/or law enforcement blue in inventive ways would be promising. Who knows, it may come to carry meaning you never knew it would.

In the event your search comes up dry, you have other options. Though it may be pricier, you can commission your own painting. The beauty of this route is that you can depict anything you want. If you have an artistic friend, call them up to discuss bringing your gift to life.

For the Job

Celebrating a graduation has a distinct purpose, but some cadets would prefer a practical gift, such as one they can use while on the job. Give them something that’ll help them ease into their policing routine and they’ll have plenty of reasons to thank you.

Car Seat Organizer

The first tool to give them is the toolbelt itself, or rather, their patrol car’s toolbelt. A car seat organizer has tons of pockets and holders that allow easy access to pens, notepads, flashlights eyewear, and more from the driver’s seat. This centralized location for things cuts down on time cops hunt around their vehicle for what they need and helps them keep their workspace clean. Not only does this keep them mentally organized and clean in their car (which they spend so much time in), but it helps their efficiency as well.

A Tough Field Notebook

Another item to get a graduating police officer, which fits neatly in a car seat organizer, is a tough, battle-ready notebook. Officers must document everything they see and do, so having a ready writing surface at hand is crucial for getting minute details correct. Get your graduate one that’s waterproof so they don’t lose their notes on a stormy day. Some are small enough for them to stow in their uniform for quickest access. If they love tech toys, consider investing in a smart notebook they could link up with their phone.

Utilitarian Wristwatch

When you’re out on patrol or fielding calls, time feels relative, like it passes at varying speeds throughout your shift. To help graduates get a handle on the time and never be late as they start out, gift them a quality, utility-first wristwatch. Make sure it’s made from hardy materials that can take a beating as you perform arrests and other strenuous activities. Water resistance is key here as well.

Books on the History of Policing

They don’t have much time to read while working, but buying books on the history of policing can help them stay conscious of what events or movements formed their job. This on-the-side reading gives them an added appreciation for the men and women who came before them. At the same time, many books on the subject also educate them on ways officers can abuse their power. Knowing each of these elements allows them to become the best law enforcers possible.

For After Work

Police work’s important, but graduates also want to enjoy their time away. Help them look forward to getting off their shift with a fun or interest-fueling gift.

A Decanter Set

A custom decanter set is one fancy gift idea. These ensure their spirits are in tip-top condition and lets them brag a bit about their graduation as they drink with friends. Utilitarian and dignified, a decanter is a staple of any sophisticated home bar or bar cart.

A Monthly Subscription

Another option, one that promises recipients’ routine excitement, is a monthly subscription box delivered right to their door for a year. For the officer who loves to grill out on the weekends, a hot sauce of the month lets them experiment with different flavors and refine their meat-making craft. A cop that needs a solid snack supply to sustain them will find immediate use for a snack box of the month, perhaps locating a favorite they want to buy again as boxes cycle through. And a coffee or tea aficionado will hardly be able to wait for the next shipment each month. New varieties of coffee or tea from across the globe will motivate them to get up in the morning and get ready for their intense and often-grueling day.

No matter how you approach the gift-getting process, as long as what you pick is practical or personal to the graduate, you’re sure to make them happy.

What To Get a Graduating Police Officer

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