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5 Great Ways To Support A Police Officer In The Hospital

Despite the police prayer plaques set up in their office, a police officer's line of work can sometimes be dangerous. Depending on the crime rate in your city, the officer in your life will see their fair share of action.

In some cases, officers may even be hurt in the line of duty. Should those unfortunate circumstances come to pass, here are a few things you can do to make your officer's stay in the hospital that much more supportive.

    1. Ask ahead before visiting. It's a good idea for friends to call ahead to the hospital to figure out if the person they want to see if well enough to have visitors. The officer who's been hurt may need their rest and may not be able to receive visitors who aren't immediate family.
    1. Give gifts of support
       Things like magazines, books, drawing pads, and flowers make great gift ideas for those who are in the hospital. They'll be likely to appreciate something that helps them pass the time. Additionally, if this hospital stay marks your officer's decision for retirement (the average age of retirement is 63), a police prayer plaque makes for an especially heartwarming gift.
    1. Reminders of home. The hospital, although a place of treatment, isn't always a place of comfort. Small reminders of home such as their favorite pillows or their personal coffee mug can be a great way to make your officer feel comfortable and more at ease as they heal.
    1. Give your well wishes
      Cards hold a lot of sentimentalities and sometimes a little note that wishes your officer well can be just enough to perk up their spirit. A card says that you're thinking about them and care that they're doing their best to get better.
  1. Bring in some home-cooked meals
    Both the officer in your life and their family will appreciate eating something now and then that isn't hospital food. A home-cooked meal can do wonders for your officer's spirit, let alone their appetite.

Police prayer plaques make for a wonderful police appreciation gift for the officer in your life. To learn more about our police prayer plaques, military appreciation gifts, or retirement awards, contact Crystal Central today.

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