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What Should Police Retirement Plaques Actually Say? 4 Common Elements

Perhaps that's why more and more cities, private citizens, local politicians, and law enforcement organizations are stepping up to recognize the great work performed by individual police officers around the country. Many officers are presented with 15 years service awards, recognition plaques, and police retirement gifts, which is a great way to give back to the men and women who have given us so much.

While crystal plaques are a common form of police appreciation gifts, many people do not know what words or images to have inscribed onto these plaques. To help you find the perfect words to honor law enforcement officers, we've put together a brief guide to common elements featured on these crystal plaques for police.

An Official Seal
As you can see in the examples of our officer recognition plaques, official seals are a popular element for crystal plaques. For instance, on the occasion of an FBI agent's retirement, the FBI seal can be placed to the top or bottom of the plaque. Likewise, gifts for local officers often feature the city or department seal, while others feature sherrif stars or police badges.

In Recognition Of...
Often, plaques are issued to mark important anniversaries or retirement. In these special cases, it's common to start the plaque with a brief inscription describing the officer's body of work. A common inscription might say, "In Recognition of 25 Years of Service, 1993-2018". For police retirement gifts, this is often an essential element.

Personal Details
In addition to the length of service, many plaques also feature a unique description of the officer's time wearing the badge. This message should be personalized to the man or woman in question, and can say something like, "For handling each emergency with uncompromised competence and integrity. For being the steady voice in a storm, For using courage and compassion, and For providing such a meaningful service to the citizens of Curry County, Oregon. Always remember that YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE!"

Finally, many people choose to include a short prayer or proverb in their police retirement gifts, which are often an underappreciated element to consider. These special words can help mark the solemnity of the occasion and provide words of wisdom and comfort to the recipient.

Of course, these are just some of the elements that can be featured on police retirement gifts and crystal plaques. So long as the words are genuine, they will be appreciated.

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