The Best Gifts To Show Appreciation for Your Boss

The Best Gifts To Show Appreciation for Your Boss

You might not always agree with your boss, but they're still an incredibly important person in your life. They're a mentor for all and a good friend for some, but they don't always get the appreciation that they deserve. Your boss is human. Just like everyone else, they need to hear the occasional acknowledgment and praise to stay upbeat and motivated. Giving your boss a gift that shows your appreciation for them is a great way to brighten their day and let them know that their employees care about them. But shopping for your boss isn't always easy. You don't want to give them a gift that's impersonal, but making your gift too personal can cross the line into unprofessionalism. Luckily, this guide to the best gifts to show appreciation for your boss will help you pick out a gift that's both meaningful and appropriate.

How Do I Pick Out a Good Gift for My Boss?

There's no official rulebook that dictates what you can and can't gift your boss, but there are a few general tips and tricks you can follow to ensure you're giving them a gift that's thoughtful and that follows company gift-giving policies.

Review Company Policies

It's better to be safe than sorry! You should always review your company's gift-giving policies before giving your boss a present. Not all companies will have gift-giving policies, but the ones that do might prohibit the gifting of alcohol, cash, or other presents that could be deemed inappropriate.

Balance Your Budget

You want to make sure you're balancing your budget and getting a gift that's the perfect balance between cheap and expensive. If you get your boss a gift that's too cheap, they might think you didn't put much thought into the gesture. If you get a gift that's too expensive, it could stretch your budget for the month and make your motives seem insincere. To determine the appropriate price range for your gift, look at your paygrade. If you make minimum wage, it's perfectly acceptable to purchase something smaller, like a gift basket or office supplies. But if you're making six figures, you might want to splurge on something like a brand-new watch or your boss's favorite bottle of wine.

Consider Their Personality and Interests

When you're shopping for an appreciation present, try to keep your employer's personality and hobbies in mind. If you don't know your boss very well, you can usually find out what their hobbies and interests are by performing some detective work! Check out their social media pages and ask around the office to learn more about them. If everyone mentions your boss's frequent fishing trips and their Facebook is full of pictures of them fishing, why not get them a box full of bait and tackle or a brand-new fishing hat? If you're part of a tight-knit team, you might already know your boss pretty well. This makes picking out a meaningful gift a lot easier.

Think About Your Relationship With Them

If you work in an office where it's normal for the boss to hang out with their employees and chat about casual topics like sports or pop culture, you can get away with a gift that's less work-related and more personalized. If you're not very familiar with your boss, it's better to keep your present more on the professional side. You can get them supplies for their desk or something that's universally practical, like a brand-new coffee mug.

Organize a Combined Gift

Receiving a gift from one employee shows your boss that they matter to that person, but receiving a gift from their whole team will show them that they matter to the entire company. You can get together with a small group of your coworker and pool together to come up with a bigger, joint present. The best part about organizing a combined gift is that you'll save money, and the gift will have an even bigger impact than before!

Gift Ideas To Show Appreciation for Your Boss

If you're having a hard time picking out a boss appreciation gift, this list of universally loved presents might give you some inspiration.

Gift Card

If you need something that's simple but versatile, consider getting your boss a gift card to their favorite restaurant or store. They can use it to get something that they want, whether that's something for their desk at the office or something that they can use at home. Alternatively, you can get them a pre-paid card. These cards will work just about anywhere, so they won't have to limit themselves to a specific place.

A Notebook Set

If your boss is an avid note-taker, they could benefit from a notebook set, complete with a few notebooks and a brand-new pen. They can use the notebook and pen to take notes during meetings, or use them to plan their grocery list or for fun activities like drawing or writing if they already have enough work-bound notebooks.

Specialty Coffee or Tea

Another one of the best gifts to show appreciation for your boss is caffeine. It might not always seem that way to an outside observer, but being a boss is stressful, back-breaking work. When people feel stressed or tired, there's one faithful thing that does a fantastic job at picking them back up—caffeine. Just like the rest of us, your boss is probably fueled by their daily caffeine. You can help them stay alert, happy, and motivated with a gift of specialty coffee or tea, whichever they prefer.

A Boss Appreciation Plaque

They're beautiful, they're customizable, and your boss can display them in the office, at home, or wherever else they need to be reminded that they're appreciated. A plaque is an incredibly versatile gift that your boss is sure to keep on display for a long time. You can customize them with your own message, which makes them perfect for conveying your appreciation for your boss in a way that's both thoughtful and professional.

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The Best Gifts To Show Appreciation for Your Boss