Words of Appreciation for Teachers

Words of Appreciation for Teachers

Teachers play an important role in our development. They teach us valuable knowledge and make sure we have the tools, opportunities, and encouragement we need to thrive. With remote learning as the new norm, teachers have to work harder than ever to maintain a safe, productive learning environment for their students. Whether you're a current student, former student, or the mother, father, or guardian of a student, try showing your teachers some support during these trying times. Some kind words and a little motivation can go a long way in lifting their spirits and solidifying the idea that what they're doing is worth it. If you’re not sure what to say, these words of appreciation for teachers can help you plan out a thoughtful letter, e-mail, or even a gift basket.

What To Say To a Teacher You Know

Whether it's your child's favorite teacher, one of your current college instructors, or your next-door neighbor that teaches at the local high school, we all know a teacher or two. The next time you see them, you can brighten their day with a simple but heartfelt message. It's the smallest things that make the biggest impact, so don't be afraid to keep things short, sweet, and to-the-point.

Thank You

Teachers work long days, long afternoons, and long nights, and they rarely get to hear this simple but meaningful phrase. Hearing a "thank you" can give them the motivation they need to keep pushing forward.

We Appreciate You

Teachers do more than just teach. They help prepare children for the future by giving them the knowledge, skills, and compassion they'll need to succeed in life and hold a stable career. Telling them that you appreciate their efforts lets a teacher know that their impact extends beyond the classroom and follows a child throughout their entire life.

Don't Forget To Take Care of Yourself

There's nothing wrong with hard work, but sometimes, teachers will work their fingers to the bone. They'll spend entire nights grading, preparing lesson plans, emailing students who have questions, or brushing up on their own knowledge. If you see a teacher, remind them that their health and happiness come first. Better yet, you can deliver them a home-cooked meal, offer to help them with yard work, babysit, or give them a gift card to a salon, restaurant, hobby store, or anywhere else they can get a little something for themselves.

We’re So Impressed With Everything You Do

Teachers give up their personal and family time to grade papers, prepare lessons, and attend conferences. Most teachers go above and beyond and spend money out of their own pockets to decorate their classrooms, get their students the school supplies they need, and help out any students who are struggling. This small but important aspect of this job usually goes unnoticed. By telling teachers that you appreciate all the extra work they put in, you can make them feel like all the little sacrifices are worth it.

What To Say To Your Former Teachers

Now that you know some words of appreciation for teachers you know, let’s consider some words of appreciation for the teachers you haven’t seen in a while. Let's face it—at some point, we were disrespectful or maybe even downright rude to one or more of our teachers. We rolled our eyes through their nagging, doodled, slept, or talked through one of their lessons, or gossiped about them with our friends. Back then, we didn't understand why their lessons were important, and disobeying teachers seemed like the cool thing to do. Looking back, we had it all wrong. Those lessons and "naggings" would teach us valuable things about life, including how to be responsible, respectful, and a fast learner. If you have time, look up one of your old instructors and send them a message about all the ways they’ve made an impact on your life.

I'll Never Forget What You Said

Some words really stick with us. Whether it was a simple saying, words of encouragement, or a funny joke they made during class, let your teacher know that you've never forgotten their words. They'll be happy to know you still remember them and that you weren't dozing off during their lectures!

You Believed in Me

A good teacher never gives up on their students. If you're struggling with a certain subject, they're there to help you, and if you're feeling down, they'll find ways to lift you back up. Their dedication and perseverance can make a major impact on our lives. Did you struggle with math in high school but decided to become a mathematician after your teacher helped you understand some of the harder concepts? Maybe you decided to become an actress after your literature teacher asked you to write and perform a skit in front of the entire class. A teacher's words might've cheered you up when you were at your worst and motivated you to keep going when you felt like you couldn't. If you didn't thank them for their words then, it's not too late to express your appreciation now.

I'm Still Using the Skills You Taught Me

You might think about your home economic teacher's time-management tips when you're having a hard day at the office, or you may use your art teacher's advice when you're working on a craft project with your children. Teachers love knowing that they made an impact and that their former students still remember their lessons and advice years, or even decades, later.

You're the Reason I Succeeded

Your former teacher will love to hear how they motivated you to succeed, either in your personal life or your career. Have you started your own business? Paid off your student loans? Started a charity? These big, noteworthy accomplishments are exciting to share, but don’t neglect to mention the smaller things, too!

Searching for the best way to express your thanks? Saying kind words, writing letters, and sending gift baskets aren't the only things you can do. Crystal Central's beautiful, crystal thank you plaques are a fantastic way to show a teacher that you care.

Words of Appreciation for Teachers

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