3 Rules To Follow When Giving a Government Employee a Gift

3 Rules To Follow When Giving a Government Employee a Gift

Giving gifts is a great way to show someone your appreciation. However, if you want to give a gift to a government employee, it can be a little tricky because there are specific rules you must follow. But with the help of some guidelines, you can determine what presents are appropriate. Here are three rules to follow when giving a government employee a gift.

Know the Limitations

Under the Criminal Conflict of Interest Statute, federal employees are prohibited from accepting gifts given because of their official positions. This means they cannot receive gifts from any person or business regulated by the government in which they work, seeking to do business with them, or having a matter before them for decision. In addition, certain high-ranking officials may have additional restrictions based on their office and position within the government.

Depending on the state where an employee works, specific gift rules and regulations may govern what types of items can be accepted and who can give such presents. It’s important to check with your state’s ethics commission for more detailed information regarding what gifts are allowed and when giving such objects as tokens of appreciation or rewards is appropriate.

Consider the Occasion

Due to the several restrictions, knowing when it’s an appropriate time to give a gift to a government employee can be challenging. But particular occasions are wonderful opportunities to give gifts. For example, holidays, birthdays, and retirement are great gift-giving opportunities. And even occasions like police graduation are an ideal time to give someone a gift to show them you care and want to honor their achievements. If you are a family member of the employee, restrictions will likely be less strict, but if you are a fellow employee or member of the public, the rules are strongly enforced.

Consider the Type of Gift

It’s important to remember that your gifts don’t have to be extravagant on every occasion. In fact, they shouldn’t be luxurious or expensive, as this typically will go against restrictions and limitations. Many government agencies limit acceptable gifts to be worth $20 or less. Remembering that government employees are never allowed to accept cash gifts is essential. Instead, you can get a sentimental card to share your appreciation or a sweet treat like a cookie or piece of cake. And again, if you are a family member or close friend of the employee, these restrictions are typically less strict.

You can find the perfect option now that you know guidelines to follow when giving a government employee a gift. Check out Crystal Central’s selection of police plaques that make fantastic gifts for police graduations and our selection of other sentimental gifts.

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