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3 Gift Ideas for The Navy Retiree in Your Life

Retirement is a big milestone for any adult who has worked hard throughout their life. But retirement is even more special for those who have served our country in the Navy. After many years of dedicated service, they certainly deserve a life of ease and relaxation. If you have a soon-to-be Navy retiree in your life, you may be thinking about giving them a gift to show your appreciation. If this is the case, here are a few gift ideas to consider.

Military watch: A nice watch can always make a great gift -- but make this gift great by choosing a Navy- or military-themed watch. A sleek and stylish watch engraved with the Navy symbol will allow the recipient to not only have a nice piece of jewelry, but a nice reminder of their time served as well. This is both a useful and memorable gift for anyone who has served in the military.

Engraved retirement plaques: Navy gift plaques are great gifts that will help recognize the service given for our country. While there are endless options for navy retirement gifts, none are quite as special as a personalized crystal plaque to serve as a length of service award. And while it's true that crystal is typically given for a fifteenth wedding anniversary, a crystal plaque is valuable for military personnel as well. Navy achievement plaques can wish the retiree a happy retirement and remind them of the years they devoted to the United States.

Navy blanket or pillow: Gifts for the home are great for retirement presents. And what retiree wouldn't want a nice blanket or pillow they can cozy up with as they enjoy their relaxing time off of work? But, of course, you should consider getting a Navy-themed pillow or blanket. A nice quilt, a pillow with their retirement date or their start of service date, or even a personalized blanket that could serve as decoration are all to be appreciated. Having these items in their home will help the retiree remember how valuable their service was.

Retirement gifts are meant to show how appreciated and loved the retiree is, especially if they served in the military. So consider something like navy gift plaques, a nice watch, or a cozy blanket to show your retiree how valued they are.

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