Choosing an Anniversary Gift: The Dos and Don’ts

Choosing an Anniversary Gift: The Dos and Don’ts

Choosing the perfect anniversary gift doesn’t have to be complicated, but you should keep a few guidelines in mind during the process. After all, you want to make sure you give your partner something they will love and cherish for years to come. We have all the helpful tips and tricks you need to make any celebration as memorable as possible, whether you’re celebrating your first or fiftieth anniversary. Check out the dos and don’ts of choosing an anniversary gift to amaze your loved one.


It can be easy to let your anniversary sneak up on you when you’ve been married for several years. Even if you know in the back of your head your special day is approaching, you might be a procrastinator who tends to wait until the last minute. Don’t delay! Purchase the gift as far in advance as possible and have it ready to go.

Planning will save you a lot of stress in the long run. You’ll have time to think about the perfect gift, purchase the item, and wrap it nicely. There’s nothing worse than brainstorming a great anniversary gift idea and then realizing you won’t receive it in time. Plus, it takes time to make a personalized gift, so account for longer lead times when shopping. Start browsing the store’s inventory several weeks before your celebration for the best selection if you’re shopping in person.

Consider Your Budget

It may not sound very romantic to stick to a budget when you’re purchasing an anniversary gift, but it’s important to shop within your means. You and your partner still want enough disposable income to enjoy other fun activities together such as vacations and special events, so set a limit and stick to it. Before your anniversary, you can even speak with your loved one and mutually agree on a spending amount. You’ll be confident you’re not over- or under-spending if you both have a magic number in mind.

Sticking to a predetermined budget also forces you to get more creative with your gift. It’s easy to buy a fancy electronic device and call it a day, but you must be more intentional about your present when you’re not spending hundreds of dollars. At the end of the day, choosing a gift that aligns with your budget and shows your partner how much you care is what matters.

Include a Card

No matter how expensive or special your gift is, you should always accompany it with a handwritten card. The card is the most important part of the gift-giving experience for many because it includes a personal, heartfelt message. You can choose to either make a card or spend some time picking out the perfect option at the store.

Once your card is ready to go, be sure to choose the right words and include a sweet note expressing your love for your partner. Keep in mind there isn’t a material gift that can replace your handwritten sentiments, so do your best to share how you really feel. An item of clothing will wear out over time and chocolates will be eaten and the box discarded, but a thoughtful card is an everlasting symbol of your love and commitment.

Give an Experience

You must consider several factors when it comes to the dos and don’ts of choosing an anniversary gift but presenting your partner with an experience gift is a great option. Instead of a physical item that’s quickly thrown into a corner to collect dust, an experience gift allows you and your loved one to make memories together.

Purchase tickets if your spouse’s favorite band is performing in your city. Book a local cooking class if you love trying new recipes together. Gift your loved one a membership to your local arboretum or botanic garden if they love spending time outdoors among the flowers. Think about your partner’s interests and hobbies to find the perfect experiential present you can enjoy as a couple. The memories you make during one of these outings will last far longer than any tangible item.

Wrap It Nicely

You can buy the perfect present, but the gift-giving experience won’t have the same effect if you don’t present the gift nicely. In other words, be sure you beautifully wrap the gift before you give it to your partner. Many online retailers or physical stores will offer gift wrapping for free or a nominal fee if your wrapping skills are lacking.

Your spouse will immediately know you put a lot of thought and effort into the gift if you create the perfect presentation. It’s all about first impressions and a present wrapped with care will certainly stand out. You can also add an extra special touch by wrapping the gift in your loved one’s favorite colors.

Exchange a Wish List

Don’t be afraid to exchange wish lists if you want to ensure you purchase the perfect anniversary gift for your loved one. A wish list is simply a list of items the recipient would like to receive. The longer you’re in a relationship, the harder it can be to come up with unique, useful gift ideas, so a wish list removes the guesswork.

As previously mentioned, discuss a maximum dollar amount, and create a list of items that meet your guidelines. Although a wish list removes a certain element of creativity and surprise, it guarantees your partner will truly enjoy the item or experience you purchase. You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on something that your spouse doesn’t want or won’t use.

You can always include an extra, unexpected item if you select a present from your partner’s wish list. For example, you can include a new set of highball glasses or a book outlining the best cocktails for beginners if you purchase admission to a cocktail-making class.

Now that you’re well-versed in the dos and don’ts of anniversary gift-giving, Crystal Central offers a variety of unique items perfect for any special occasion. Looking for fully customizable 15th wedding anniversary gifts? We’ve got you covered with a great selection that both you and your spouse will cherish for years to come.

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