8 Tips for Planning a Thoughtful & Romantic 50th Anniversary

8 Tips for Planning a Thoughtful & Romantic 50th Anniversary

Celebrating anniversaries is one of the special things about a relationship. When you get to that 50th-year mark, you enjoy that significant milestone together. Of course, it’s a big deal to be married for half a century, so gather all your friends and family and throw yourselves a party! Read on to explore eight tips for planning a thoughtful and romantic 50th anniversary.

Pick a Date

The first step to planning any event is picking a date. Naturally, with a wedding anniversary party, you’ll want the date to be as close to the actual anniversary as possible. You’ll also want to set the date a few weeks or months in advance, so the people you invite have time to plan for travel arrangements if necessary.

Once you’ve picked the day you’d like to have your anniversary party, you’ll have to choose a time as well. Perhaps you prefer an afternoon lunch, or maybe an evening dinner and cocktail hour is more your style. Choose whatever date and time work best for you and your guests.

Find a Venue

The next step of the anniversary party planning process is finding a venue. You’ve set the date, so now it’s time to pick the perfect location. Many couples will choose a sentimental location that has personal significance to their relationship. For example, some couples throw their 50th-anniversary party at the exact place they met. Choosing a sentimental venue is a beautiful way to incorporate your favorite memories from over the years and celebrate your long history together as a pair. If you happen to pick an outdoor venue, make sure to check the forecast so you can avoid any rain or bad weather.

Make a Guest List

Making a guest list is the third essential step to planning a 50th-anniversary party. Considering that you are celebrating your relationship, it’s a fun idea to invite all the people who have seen your union grow and flourish over the years. Make a list of all the people you both would like to attend the event.

You’ll also need to consider your venue’s total capacity when choosing how many people to invite. You can keep the guest list small and intimate if you like, or you can opt for a big extravagant party. Double-check your list a few times before making invitations to ensure that you haven’t left anyone out.

Send Invitations

The fourth tip for planning a thoughtful and romantic wedding anniversary is sending out invitations. You’ll need a headcount before the event to estimate how much food to get and how many seats you’ll need to set for the meal.

Make sure you send an invitation to each person on your guest list and leave a contact phone number or email so guests can RSVP to the event. Include all the necessary information on the invitation, such as the date and time, the location and address of the venue, the reason for celebrating, and any other details you want your guests to know before the special day.

Choose Food and Drinks

Choosing food and drinks is the fifth step in planning a 50th-anniversary event. Depending on what time you decide to have your party, you’ll need to provide the appropriate food and drinks. For example, if you pick an afternoon get-together, you’ll want to either prepare a lunch or set out some light snacks and finger foods along with some beverages. On the other hand, if you choose an evening gathering, you will want to have dinner ready and maybe even an open bar.

You’ll also need to keep your guest list in mind and consider how many people have reserved a seat at your event. Finally, it’s crucial that you have enough food and drinks to accommodate each guest.

Pick Decorations

Our sixth 50th-anniversary party planning tip is picking decorations. This part of the process is where you can be really creative and let your personalities show. You can choose a theme for your décor or keep things more minimal. It’s a fun idea to incorporate things that are special to your relationship. For example, if you and your spouse met for the first time in Paris, it could be lovely to have a Paris-themed anniversary party.

Ultimately, you can decorate however you like. Choose colors that you enjoy to accent the space, and you can add flowers, candles, balloons, or streamers. There are no limits, so have fun and get creative with your choices.

Select the Entertainment

Selecting entertainment is the seventh step in the anniversary party planning process. Of course, any great event needs fantastic entertainment. You can opt for a DJ or a live band for musical performances. You can even go for a sound system with a playlist of your favorite songs. You may want to include a dance floor in your venue space so that family and friends have a place to listen to the music and enjoy themselves.

Many couples also enjoy showing slideshows of memories from their 50 years of being together. Whatever you choose as a form of entertainment, make sure to put some thought into it—the details make a difference!

Buy a Gift

The final step for planning a romantic and thoughtful 50th anniversary is to buy a gift. The 50th wedding anniversary is the year of the golden gift, so you may want to opt for something gold, like a watch or jewelry. However, you don’t have to necessarily stay in line with that tradition if you don’t want.

Instead, you can go for a gift that’s a bit more sentimental, like a photo album with all your memories from your 50 years together. Another unique 50-year anniversary gift idea is a crystal plaque to commemorate the relationship that has stood the test of time. Whatever gift you decide on, make sure to wrap it nicely and include a card.

Now that you have eight tips for planning a thoughtful and romantic 50th wedding anniversary, you can implement these strategies into your own plan today. Make sure to double-check all of your party details, and have fun with the process. You only have one 50th anniversary in a lifetime, so enjoy it to its fullest!

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