What Should Godparents Give for a Baptism Gift?

What Should Godparents Give for a Baptism Gift?

As a godparent, there are many special moments you will get to share with your godchildren throughout life, and baptisms are one of those. Baptisms are a religious tradition that mark a significant moment in one’s spiritual journey. As a godparent, you want to be there for your godchild’s baptism. But what should godparents give for a baptism gift? Knowing what gift to get for this special occasion can be tricky. But with the right tips, you will be able to find the perfect gift for your godchild on their baptism.

What Is a Baptism?

Perhaps you’ve never been to a baptism before or just need a quick refresher on the whole process. Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Baptisms are religious rituals that are a form of purification. Baptisms are most common in Christianity, but other religions also perform them.

In the Christian Church, a baptism consists of sprinkling holy water over the head or immersing a person in the water to symbolize that individual’s purification and belief in Christ. The water is also a symbol of the washing away of someone’s sins. Many people have their children baptized when they are still babies. However, you can be baptized at any age.

Why People Gift Baptism Gifts

It has long been a tradition for the godparents of a child to bring gifts for them on their baptism day. In Christianity, godparents play a major role in the baptism ceremony. It is the job of the designated godparents to bear witness to the child’s christening and pledge to help guide them on their spiritual path. Essentially, the idea of a godparent is someone who will help in a child’s upbringing, especially through spiritual leadership and guidance. Because of the godparent’s role in baptisms, it is also customary to present a baptism gift to the child to commemorate this special occasion.

Things To Consider Before Getting Your Gift

Before you start searching for the perfect baptism gift, there are a few things to consider. First, you’ll want to think about what you want your baptism gift to say or represent. Perhaps you want your baptism gift to be symbolic of this spiritual purification and to be something your godchild can use in regard to their faith. You also probably want your baptism gift to be something that your godchild can cherish for their whole life to remember this special moment. Take some time to think about the message behind your gift, and then you can begin searching for one.

Best Baptism Gift Ideas From Godparents

There are so many different baptism gifts available. Therefore, you’ll want to narrow it down to what you feel is the best fit for your godchild. Perhaps you want a gift representing their faith, spirituality, and life in Christ. Or maybe you want a gift that commemorates the baptism itself and includes photos and memories. Continue reading to get some ideas on the best baptism gifts to get for your godchildren.

Silver Gifts

The first baptism gift idea for godparents to get their godchildren is gifts of silver. If you want to take the traditional route, this is the way to go because it’s customary to give silver gifts at a baptism.

There are all kinds of options, including silver baby rattles, silver picture frames, silver ornaments, and silver baptism plaques. If you prefer something a bit more modern, you can opt for a crystal baptism plaque with your godchild’s name and baptism date engraved.

Photo Album

A photo album is the next gift idea for your godchild’s baptism. Photo albums are one of the best ways to keep and share memories, making them an ideal gift option.

Suppose your godchild is getting baptized as an infant. In that case, this is an especially great gift because they likely won’t have a memory of the actual event. A photo album filled with photos of the ceremony will allow your godchild to revisit and experience the moment after the fact.

Shadow Box

A shadow box is a box with a glass window allowing you to see inside. Much like a photo album, a shadow box stores items that people can later look back on to remember special events.

It is another great way to preserve the memories from your godchild’s baptism, so they can cherish them for a lifetime. You can include all kinds of items in this shadow box, such as baptism invitations, church programs, photos, locks of the baby’s hair, and even the baptism gown itself.

Personalized Bible

As we mentioned, a godparent’s Christian role is to spiritually guide their godchild throughout their life. Therefore, a Bible makes a wonderful baptism gift. You can also have the Bible personalized to say your godchild’s name and baptism date. Then, throughout their life, they can use this Bible to study the Word of God and honor their faith.

Christening Gown

One of the most common gifts that godparents will get for a baptism is a christening gown. This garment is the gown that your godchild would wear for the baptism ceremony and ritual. Christening gowns are outfits specially made for a child’s baptism that are typically in shades of white, representing purity. In the Christian faith, these gowns are often very intricate, ornate, and detailed.

Religious Jewelry

Religious jewelry is also a great option when selecting the ideal baptism gift for your godchild. A rosary makes a beautiful baptism gift if you’re part of the Catholic faith. But if you’re not a Catholic, crosses and other religious jewelry are fantastic options as well. For example, you can get a baptism bracelet or locket to commemorate this special event in your godchild’s life and spiritual journey.

Christening Blanket

Like the christening gown, a christening blanket is a ceremonial item used during the baptism. People often use christening blankets to dry and warm the child after they are baptized with the holy water. You can also have the christening blanket embroidered with your godchild’s name and baptism date, so they can keep it forever to remember this special day.

Now that you have some great baptism gift ideas for your godchildren, you can start your search for the perfect gift for your godchild’s christening. Crystal Central has a stunning selection of personalized love plaques that make the perfect gift for baptisms that your godchild can keep and cherish for a lifetime.

What Should Godparents Give for a Baptism Gift?

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