How To Show Your Pastor Appreciation

How To Show Your Pastor Appreciation

You see them at least once a week, maybe more—but have you ever taken the time to thank your pastor for everything they do? Working as a pastor isn't a cakewalk. At times, it can get lonely and discouraging. By showing your pastor you appreciate their hard work and dedication to the church, you can drastically improve their day. If you're wondering how to show your pastor appreciation, give these simple inexpensive ideas a try.

Show Your Dedication To the Church

Pastors work in the ministry for a reason. Despite the hard work and long nights, they care for the church and are honored by the opportunity to pastor the people of God. Sometimes, the best gift you can give them is your steadfast dedication not only to the church, but your religion and spirituality in general. There's more than one way to show your dedication. You can pay close attention to their sermons, offer to volunteer, introduce a friend to the church, include the pastor and his family in your daily prayers, and more.

A Relaxing Night with Family

Pastors are constantly on call, spending multiple nights a week running ministry, counseling, and more. This can take time away from them and their families. By offering to help them out with chores, planning, or anything else they're busy with, you can help make time for them to spend with their spouse, children, and other relatives or friends. If they'd like a night alone with their spouse, you can offer to babysit, or if they're too busy to make dinner, you can cook and deliver them a homemade meal. To help make their night as fun and relaxing as possible, consider buying them a gift card to their favorite restaurant or offering to pay for an at-home movie night.

Plenty of Books

Another way to show your pastor appreciation is to purchase them some great books to read. Most pastors know the Bible like the back of their hand. Chances are, they're a fan of other types of books, too. If you're not sure what genres your pastor likes, you can ask them to fill out a most-wanted list. Pick out a few good titles, buy them, and either wrap them up or put them in a basket you can hand to your pastor the next time you see them at church. You can also include a gift card to a store that sells books, such as Barnes & Noble, so they can pick some titles out on their own.

A Thoughtful Gift

Apart from books, there are plenty of thoughtful gifts you can give to your pastor. A handwritten letter might seem plain, but it can mean the world to them. You can thank them for their hard work and dedication and talk about how their sermons have inspired you. If you know what your pastor likes, you can get them something they can do in their spare time, such as a puzzle or woodworking project. An award or plaque is a great way to commemorate your pastor. They can display it on their desk at home, in the church, or anywhere else they see fit.

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