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Unique 15 Year Wedding Anniversary (Crystal Anniversary) Gift Ideas

A 15 year wedding anniversary is such a beautiful milestone. Marking a decade and a half of love and marriage is a sparkling special occasion. And what better way to mark it than with the traditional gift? Crystal, which is brilliant, reflective and a conduit of natural light, is an ideal way to acknowledge 15 years and usher in the next 15. Crystal as both a celebration theme and a gift is the perfect way to honor your husband, wife or the special couple in your life.

According to the website Wedding Anniversary Meanings, crystal is the first of the elegant materials used to mark a traditional wedding anniversary:

“The costliness of crystal is representative of the sacrifice and investment the couple has made to the marriage over the past fifteen years.  Crystal also symbolizes clarity and transparency, reflecting the state of the couple's relationship.  They now know each other better than they know themselves.”

Unlike paper or tin, crystal symbolizes something pure, yes. But also something fine. The crystal wedding anniversary really signifies something, really stands for important commitment. So incorporating crystal, both into the celebration and within the category of gift-giving, is more than just tradition. It’s a symbol worthy of the occasion it represents.

A Crystal Celebration: Incorporate the concept of crystal into your special anniversary dinner for two. Pour champagne or sparkling white wine into two crystal champagne flutes for a special toast, and dine on a romantic meal of spring rolls, clear vermicelli noodles with chicken or shrimp and lemon sorbet for dessert. You can even buy clear plastic plates, bowls and flatware to create the illusion of crystal. Glass works well too!

Crystal Clear Messages: Because clarity and transparency is the theme crystal is meant to communicate, why not write a letter to your husband or wife to mark your crystal anniversary, pledge honesty and directness now and evermore? You can detail just how you plan to stay an open communicator and why it’s so important to you. As a special “crystal” touch, laminate your letter or preserve it in a clear plastic or suspended glass frame.

The Gift of Crystal: There is nothing more beautiful or more symbolically relevant on a 15th wedding anniversary than a piece of crystal, beautifully presented and personalized. Crystal Central wedding anniversary products are only made with fine, 100 percent optical crystal that shimmers with light and clarity. These crystal wedding anniversary gifts have been specially designed to mark the crystal anniversary and celebrate 15 years of marriage.

Each piece can be personalized with deep etch engraving at no additional cost, so you can add a special inscription with ease. Optional color fill can be included too. The engraving is cut into the crystal, not simply painted on, so your message of love and commitment won’t fade over time.

If you’re searching for an inscription, why not play on the crystal anniversary theme itself? Brainyquote has one example that might get you thinking:

“Every particular in nature, a leaf, a drop, a crystal, a moment of time is related to the whole, and partakes of the perfection of the whole.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

A beautiful way to mark an equally beautiful moment in time.

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