Subtle choices we make, from the appearance of a gift to the words we choose when we hand it off, can impact how a recipient feels about the gift.

How Presentation Impacts a Gift Recipient’s Reaction

Gifts and awards play an important role in many different kinds of interaction today, from cementing romantic relationships to showing appreciation in the workplace to saying thanks with a tip at a coffee shop. However, the way that you give a gift impacts how they receive it in a big way. If you are looking to perfect your gift-giving game, read on to discover how presentation impacts a gift recipient’s reaction and how to achieve the response you desire.

Why Presentation Matters

Almost all gifts are appreciated but factoring in presentation—both how you give it and what it looks like—helps make it special. It may surprise you, but you can give gifts in the wrong way. How you present a gift is a significant part of what sends the desired message, so avoiding any miscommunications or unwanted reactions means making many decisions about how you’ll achieve both the perfect hand off and the ideal aesthetic.

The Perfect Hand Off

Presentation impacts a gift recipient’s reaction significantly. There are many ways to give a gift or award: one-on-one, in front of a crowd, or leaving it on a desk for them to open in private. The attitude you give a gift with will influence how the recipient feels about it. For example, awards given with reserved pride and a smile take the pressure off of co-workers who don’t want to feel obligated to make a big deal about it in the workplace. On the other end of the spectrum, you can accidentally give a gift in a disrespectful way, such as dropping it in front of them and walking away or demanding that they open it in front of a crowd when that isn’t the expectation.

Achieving a great gift hand off will do its part to ensure that the presentation is perfect. The present recipient will appreciate it if you follow these three tips when gift-giving in any situation.

Offer Acknowledgement

It’s important to personally acknowledge why you’re giving them a gift, even when an attached card will do the same or when the event provides context. Choosing to say “Happy birthday,” “You’ve done a great job,” or “Happy Holidays” adds a touch of empathy to any gift. The recipient will feel that you truly care about them or their accomplishment and attach that sense of meaning to the gift as they accept it. Some may even value your praise and engagement more than the gift itself based on how they receive it.

Keep It Short

Whether giving a speech or a holiday gift, it’s best to limit the fanfare. Presenting a gift with a monologue or too many jokes gives the impression that this isn’t about the recipient; it’s about you. While there is room for saying why you’re proud of someone or explaining how much they matter to you, keep it sincere and appropriate to the setting. You can easily rectify saying too little later while saying too much can make it awkward or tedious for everyone involved.

Give With Pride

No matter the gift, part of a perfect hand off means giving the gift with pride. Hand the award or present over in a way that honors what it is and why you’re giving it to them. Giving a gift with confidence and following it with a firm handshake or, with family, a warm hug will give the gift further meaning and continue to show the recipient that this goes beyond simply handing off an item. Show that this gift means something to you, and you want it to mean something to them, too.

The Importance of Aesthetic

While a gift is almost always appreciated, part of its perception is its appearance when given. A messy gift isn’t anything to worry about for family and friends and sometimes adds character to it. However, a neatly wrapped gift or award can impact how the recipient reacts if it’s for the workplace or formal occasions like weddings and anniversaries.

Create Immediate Value

A well-contained gift, especially when given in high-quality wrapping paper or presented as part of a gorgeous gift basket, immediately seems more valuable. This is from the amount of care that has gone into preparing it. The value goes beyond apparent monetary worth, extending to a perceived emotional value invested in it by the gift giver. By preparing a gift to look as great as possible, you demonstrate that the gift recipient should care about what is inside.

Demonstrate Effort

Receiving a gift is about thanking someone for what they’ve done, whether as a co-worker or a friend. If you choose not to present a gift or award in a great aesthetic fashion, it might give the recipient the impression that you don’t care about giving it to them or think much about the gift itself. Precise wrapping or great displays take effort that the recipient will recognize, telling them that you care about their reaction enough to go through the trouble.

A Great Looking Gift

While gift wrapping can bring added value to a gift or award, the look of the item itself has a significant impact. Older-looking wooden plaques handed off on-stage give a vastly different impression to the recipient than crystal statues. They will not appreciate a secondhand item without sentimental value as much if it doesn’t look new. The style and appearance of the gift you choose to give will influence how the recipient reacts, so keep that in mind as you choose the perfect symbol of your appreciation.

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How Presentation Impacts a Gift Recipient’s Reaction

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