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4 Ways You Can Show Appreciation For Your Local Law Enforcement

In the United States, there are approximately 737,263 working police officers. These officers work to protect and serve the American people through detecting and preventing crimes. For this reason, it's often a heartfelt gesture to give your local officer a note a appreciation for their hard work.

But what's considered an appropriate police appreciation gift? Consider the following police appreciation gifts below to show your local law enforcement your thanks for the good that they do in your neighborhood.

  1. Thank an officer
    One of the best ways you can show your local law enforcement your appreciation for their hard work is by telling them thank you. If an officer is conducting traffic for a festival or a parade, thank them as you cross the street. Write a thank you note and send it to your local police department. These notes of appreciation may seem small, but they have a big impact and can light up your local officer's day.
  2. Give a police prayer plaque
    A police prayer plaque may be a good idea for a police appreciation gift if one of your local officers has recently been hurt in the line of duty. A prayer plaque shows a police department that the citizens they protect care for them and appreciate them.
  3. Give police retirement gifts
    The average age of retirement in the U.S. is 63, for but police officers it's 55. To show your appreciation for your local law enforcement, consider giving them police retirement gifts when it's time for them to turn in their badge. A crystal retirement gift shows an officer just how much their years of service have meant to you and your neighborhood.
  4. Tell them how they can improve
    Police departments are like businesses in that they can't operate as well as they want to without your feedback. Therefore, thank your officers but also feel free to give constructive criticism to promote your local law enforcement's sense of confidence, compassion, and character. For instance, if you've noticed your local officers are great at investigating hit-and-run cases, but are more lax on giving speeding tickets let your department know.

Everyone likes to be appreciated for their hard work and police officers are no different. For more information on police appreciation gifts and other gifts, contact Crystal Central today.

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