A office conference room full of coworkers congratulating a fellow coworker for an award.

Why Employee Recognition Matters

Often, companies describe their employees as their most important resource. Beyond “human capital,” though, employees form the heart of a company and create an indelible sense of community that is unique to that company. This togetherness can drive business, but it also helps others to grow. To continually deepen this communal culture, employers must show their appreciation to employees. To learn exactly why employee recognition matters, read on.

Recognition Signals Employee Progress

First, recognition affirms an employee’s growth in the company. This growth can be role-specific or as a part of the total culture. While an employee may themselves feel that they’re growing, external affirmation from a supervisor or manager confirms and solidifies that progress not only to their peers but to themselves. When their supervisor mentions their skill in a certain area, it gives them confidence that they may lack without that encouragement. Overall, this recognition provides a sense of forward-looking fulfillment for employees’ personal and professional lives.

It Illustrates Their Essential Role

Also, employee recognition matters because employer praise tells their employees, “We need you in your role and would struggle if you left.” Employees benefit from hearing that they are essential because this vastly improves job satisfaction, whereas those that believe they’re unnecessary and replaceable are less likely to feel company loyalty. By showing intentional appreciation, supervisors suggest that their employees are there for a reason and that their skills and presence are uniquely helpful. If employers fail to do so, workers are not afraid to leave—they may associate with their career, but that doesn’t mean they associate themselves closely with the company. Employee neglect costs companies their top talent, whereas recognition garners loyalty.

It Brightens Up the Workplace

Additionally, praising employees’ work makes the workplace a happier, brighter place. Sometimes, the monotony of daily workplace life dominates. Workers may, when they get an email or message, immediately dread opening it to see what they’ll find or what assignment that needs their attention. Occasional informal messages of appreciation help to break up these feelings of dread and improve morale. On a larger scale, dedicated monthly or quarterly events that publicly acknowledge what employees do well make the office feel like a better place.

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