To the casual observer, the pastor's wife may seem relegated to the shadows, but in actuality, nothing could be farther from the truth. Pastors have complex jobs. They must write sermons and create a faith-based curriculum for parishioners. They must also pray over sick lists, visit the homebound and keep an eye on administrative duties. And when they get called to the church at an odd time or have yet another after-hours commitment, it's often the pastor's wife who keeps the home fires burning and provides much needed emotional support. Words of encouragement for pastor's wife are essential when recognizing the first lady of the church with a gift. And we've got a trove of curated material to help you come up with the perfect pastor’s wife appreciation quote for gift plaques.

Don't get frustrated if you can't settle on just one sample first lady appreciation day appreciation message. They are so many sources of inspiration; scripture, song, poetry or a quote. A sample minister's wife appreciation bible verse would look absolutely beautiful engraved on a piece of naturally reflective crystal appreciation gift. Pastor's wife appreciation poems would also be right at home there. And just in time for Mother's Day, we've hand-picked a special Mother's Day appreciation message for pastor's wife. Remember, as long as you're using something straight from the heart to get the brain-storming started, the sky really is the limit! Some examples of pastor’s wife appreciation quotes for gift plaques are listed below.

Sample First Lady Appreciation Message & Scripture

"He will not forget your work..."
Hebrews 6:10

To Our Beloved First Lady

When we thank God for our pastor,
we must give Him thanks for two.
For when your husband came to us,
God also sent us you.

Your presence blesses all of us
who know you from day to day.
As our pastor’s wife, you are serving
God in a fine and worthy way.

Congratulations on Your Fifth Year Anniversary!

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Sample Pastor's Wife Appreciation Poems

With Love, Honor & Appreciation


You have stood Faithfully along the side
of the Man of God with Love, Support,
Encouragement and Faith setting
an example of true commitment to him
and the Work he has been called to do. 

The wife of a Pastor is no ordinary role,
it’s not for the jealous nor timid soul.
So I take this moment without further ado,
to say we celebrate you.  Though demands
are never ending & recognitions are few,
your smiles are ever present, never stale,
each one new. You’re an example to the sister
and encourager to the brother, while obeying
Christ’s command that we serve one another.
You’re gloriously appreciated as an enhancer
of life. You’re not just a Queen...
You’re a Pastor’s Wife.

Celebrating 18 Years of Commitment and
Love of Our Lord in Ministry!

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Sample Minister's Wife Appreciation Bible Verse

With Our Greatest

We Hereby Honor Our First Lady

He will not forget your work and
the love you have shown Him as
you  have helped His people and 
continue to help them.
~Hebrews 6:10

With Love, Honor and Appreciation, 
from your church family





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Mother's Day Appreciation Message for Pastor's Wife

To Our Caring Pastor’s Wife

“She is clothed with strength and dignity,
and she laughs without fear of the future.”
Proverbs 31:25

As we celebrate this holiday for all mothers,
may the peace, beauty, and grace of this
special day brighten and fill your life. 

Happy Mother’s Day!

You are a great role model for all mothers!

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Words of Encouragement for Pastor's Wife

Presented in
Sincerest Love and Gratitude to

Our Pastor’s Wife

Your Loving Support
Strengthens His Word By
The Positive Example You Give.

Your Tireless Work Inspires Us All,
And Teaches Us How To Live. 

From Your Church Family

Pastor Appreciation Day 2015


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Sample First Lady Appreciation Day Appreciation Message

To Our Caring Pastor's Wife

We honor you this day to show our appreciation
for all of your hard work and dedication.
Being our First Lady is a Blessing
that is not unspoken. May God continue
to Bless and keep you standing in the gap
for our Beloved Pastor, because behind
every good man there is a good woman.

In Sincere and Humble Gratitude for Faithfully,
Compassionately and Lovingly Serving God's People

Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence

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Pastor's Wife Appreciation Quote - Virtuous Woman

Pastor's Wife

To Our Caring Pastor's Wife

A virtuous woman
is wise & kind, 
clothed with
dignity & strength.
She is
a comfort
& encouragement
to those
around her.
She loves God
and shall be blessed.

For all the years of service, dedication, and love 
given freely to all without measure. We thank you!

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