There's something so lovely about taking a moment to lift up love and marriage. Many couples decide to wed, and many reach important anniversaries. But it's the love-struck few who decide to toast the milestone, who decide to celebrate the moment and preserve it with a special evening and a lovely 25th wedding anniversary gift. The silver anniversary, which heralds a remarkable 25 years of marriage, is a gift in and of itself. Whether you're trying to mark the moment with religious silver wedding anniversary wishes or celebrate it with happy 25th-anniversary wishes for a special couple, your words matter. 

The 25th wedding anniversary quote you choose to preserve the occasion can be as varied as the couples celebrating. You might be honoring your spouse by selecting a shining crystal monument to be personalized with a romantic silver wedding anniversary message to wife. Or perhaps you're giving another couple the nod and looking for 25th wedding anniversary wishes for friends. A lyrical poem or inspiring quotation is a good place to start. 

If you need some help, we've got plenty of sample 25th wedding anniversary quotes, wishes, poems and blessings below, so read on! 

Romantic Silver Wedding Anniversary Message to Wife

Happy 25th Anniversary

To A Lovely Couple and Our Best Friends

On your 25th years of wedding life, 
May your marriage be blessed with love, happiness,
joy and strong relationship for all the years of your lives.
May God keep blessing your marriage with love, respect,  open communication, forgiveness and commitment.

“Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

Matthew 19:6

This elegant crystal plaque makes perfect canvas to inscribe words of love, praise and best wishes. This personalized religious 25th wedding anniversary plaque is a timeless keepsake to celebrate a quarter century of marriage designed by God and send your wishes to the special couple or your parents on their silver anniversary date.

Sample 25th Anniversary Message to Husband

Happy 25th Anniversary

Through ups and downs,
the past 25 years have been a wonderful journey.
I am so grateful for each hour and day
we get to spend together.
I am so lucky to have you
as my best friend and confidant.
I knew you were the only one for me 25 years ago,
and I fall deeper in love with you each year.
I cannot wait to share 25 more!

Happy Silver Anniversary!

Sample Silver Wedding Anniversary Love Quote for Spouse

Happy 25th Anniversary!

I’m so glad I found you -
the one I can trust
to dream my dreams with me -
the one who understands
my deepest feelings, the one
who knows me and loves me
as I really am...

You’re everything I ever
hoped for in a partner, all
that I need in a friend,
and all I ever wanted in
someone to love.

Happy Anniversary

Sample Silver Anniversary Quotes to Parents

In Honor of Our Parents

Your lives and relationship have taught us
a lot, that love and affection can’t be bought.
We have learned how to trust, how to be fair,
righteous and just. Love in our family is
easily expressed. To have parents like you,
we are extremely blessed.  Our best wishes
are with you on your 25th anniversary!

“Love seems the swiftest,
but it is the slowest of all growths.
No man or woman really knows
what perfect love is until they have been
married a quarter of a century.”
-Mark Twain

Religious Silver Wedding Anniversary Wishes

To A Very Special Couple on Your 25th Anniversary

Love brought you together as husband and wife,
and gave each of you a best friend of life

May the love that you share last your lifetime
through as you make a wonderful pair

Happy 25th Anniversary!

Happy 25th Anniversary Wishes for Special Couple


To A Lovely Couple on Your 25th Anniversary

Every anniversary is a tribute
to the love you both share.
A love that has grown through the years,
a love that is the foundation of your family.
Together, you have shared so many
good times, and some tough ones too.

Today, the two of you share...
Twenty five reasons to celebrate...
Twenty five reasons to be thankful...
Twenty five years of priceless memories...


Love, Your Best Friends

25th Anniversary Quotes and Wishes for Friend

Happy 25th Anniversary

Love brought us together as husband & wife,
and give each of us best friend for life.

May God bless this special milestone in our lives.
 Sharing these many years with you is a blessed
statement about the gift of married life and the
reward of love, dedication and its precious moments. 
May God continue to bless us with great joys
and cherished memories on all our days ahead.

May the love we share last our lifetime through.

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