Nursing School Graduation Quotes, Wishes and Gift Plaque Wording Idea

Nursing has such a vital place in the world of medicine. Nurses provide patients with medical and emotional support, and patients see and trust their nurses the most. Nurses work overnight and on weekends. Nurses are there, steadfastly, as a patient tries to heal. Preparing to be a nurse means challenging coursework and great strength of character.

Graduating from nursing school is a monumental achievement, which is why recognizing that milestone is so crucial. Nursing graduation congratulation message ideas shouldn't be sifted through lightly. Consider a nursing school graduation quote, hand-crafted message, or something spiritually motivated, like a nurse's prayer or a paramedic's prayer, to really personalize the occasion.

If you're stuck trying to think of something to engrave on a special memento to convey the nurse pinning ceremony best wishes, for example, we decided to help get you started by providing examples of nursing school graduation quotes and messages. A bit of scripture or a "nursing is an art" graduation quote would work beautifully engraved on something like crystal. Don't forget the Florence Nightingale Pledge when looking for beautiful wording to pay tribute to this honor.

"Nursing is an Art" Graduation Quote

Commemorating Your Nurse Pinning Ceremony

To Our Friend On Your Nursing School Graduation

“Nursing is an art: and, if it is to be
made an art, it requires an exclusive
devotion, as hard a preparation as any
painter’s or sculptor’s work: For what is
the having to do with dead canvas or
cold marble, compared with having to
do with the living body, the temple of 
God’s spirit? It is one of the fine arts:
I once said, the finest of fine arts.”

~ Florence Nightingale 1868

Now that the torch has been passed,
and the ceremony ended;
Be proud of the oath you have taken.

Let your loyalty and devotion shine bright
and light the way for a prosperous future.

It is great to know that patients will receive
the benefit of your compassionate and expert care.

A Gift From Your Best Friends

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The Florence Nightingale Pledge

The Florence Nightingale PLEDGE 

I solemnly pledge myself before God
and in the presence of this assembly to pass my life
in purity and to practice my profession faithfully.

I will abstain from whatever is
deleterious and mischievous,
and will not take or knowingly
administer any harmful drug.

I will do all in my power to maintain and elevate
the standard of my profession and will
hold in confidence all personal matters
committed to my keeping and
all family affairs coming to my knowledge
in the practice of my calling.

With loyalty will I aid the physician in his work,
and as a missioner of health, I will dedicate myself
to devoted service for human welfare.

In commemoration of Your
Nurse Pinning Ceremony



A Gift to Nursing School Graduate


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A Nurse's Prayer

Upon Your Nursing School Graduation

Nursing School Graduate, MSN, RN

A Nurses Prayer

Let me dedicate my life today
To the care of those
Who come my way

Let me touch each one with
Healing hand and the gentle art
For what I stand

And then tonight when day is gone,
O let me rest in peace
If I helped just one ... 

Job Well Done!

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Nursing School Graduation Message and Quote

Upon Your 
Nursing School Graduation

Registered Nurse

You’re going to be there when
a lot of people are born,
and when a lot of people die.
In most every culture,
such moments are regarded
as sacred and private,
made special by a divine
presence. No one on earth
would be welcomed,
but you’re personally invited.
What an honor that is.
- Thom Dick

New York University
College of Nursing

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A Paramedic's Prayer

In Honor Of

Paramedic Graduate!

Upon her graduation from
North Arkansas College with an
Associate of Applied Science Degree
in Emergency Medical Service



LORD, you know
what lies ahead of me this day.

The calls I will be asked to respond to,
and those who find themselves in situations
they never imagined and see no way out.

For them I humbly ask that you would
speed me on with attending angels at my side
guiding every decision and procedures.

To all who plead and those who cannot,
I pray to be a good Samaritan
as they look to me for help and rescue.

Help me to save as many as I can,
and should mine be the last face they see,
I pray they will have looked into eyes
that reflected your love for them.


Warmest Congratulations on Your Graduation - June 2016

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Nurse Pinning Ceremony Best Wishes

Happy Graduation!

Nursing School Graduate

Congratulations on completing
Nursing School with a
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

On the day of your Pinning Ceremony,
you are welcomed into the Nursing Profession.
You are now a part of a community of people 
dedicated to helping and healing those in need. 
Take pride in all you have accomplished, 
as we take pride in you.


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Inspirational RN graduation Quote

To Our Daughter On Your Graduation

As a nurse, we have the
to heal the heart,
mind, soul and body
of our patients,
their families and ourselves.
They may forget your name,
but they will never
forget how you
made them feel.

- Maya Angelou

Congratulations! We are so proud of you!

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