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Crystal Patriotic Plaques

  • American Flag Plaques #430

    American Flag Plaques

    $139.99 - $299.99
     stars (21)

    With Old Glory proudly etched on the back, this patriotic plaque is a perfect award choice for military personnel, police officers & firefighters.

  • National Flag Plaques #434

    National Flag Plaques

    $139.99 - $299.99
     stars (1)

    A clear rectangle with beveled sides reflects light and animates the blowing American Flag. This patriot plaque honors individuals for their outstanding patriotism and public service.

  • National Shield Plaques #435

    National Shield Plaques

    $129.99 - $249.99
     stars (18)

    The National Shield Award has a distinctive flair symbolizing protection, patriotism and dedication to our country. An idea award choice for military and law enforcement personnel.

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