Personalized Crystal Military Spouse Appreciation Gift Plaque with Sailor’s wife Poem

Personalized Crystal Military Spouse Appreciation Gift Plaque with Sailor’s wife Poem
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Thank you for your commitment,
sacrifice and support of our Navy,
your sailor, and your community. 
Without your contributions,
we wouldn’t be as strong as we
are today.  You are the quiet hero
of the United States Navy.

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

A Quiet Hero

She wakes very early, he’s leaving today,
She will stand tall and proud as he’s walking away.
He glances back warmly at his children and wife,
Knowing they will bravely carry on with their life.
Her strength and her courage only one understands.
He is walking away with her heart in his hands.
For he knows that without it he would be lost.
But they both know freedom comes at a cost.
She walks away holding her children so close,
Swallowing tears for the one she loves most.
This quiet hero does not walk into war, 
She carries on behind her front door.
She will move through her life the wind at her back,
Determined to keep her family on track.
Her tears fall in silence while she lies in her bed,
her fear is right there but nothing is said.
She will ask that no medals be pinned to her chest.
Her husband’s safe return her only request.
Few understand her commitment, her life.
She is the quiet hero, the brave Sailor’s wife.

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Fantastic and timely customer service
Miamisburg, OH
October 30, 2018
This item could not be more beautiful. After researching many gift ideas for the widow of a WWII fighter pilot, I decided on this and could not be any more happy that I did. Thank you!

Fantastic and timely customer service. The product is beautiful!!
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