First Lady Appreciation Day Gift

First Lady Appreciation Day Gift
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To Our Caring Pastor's Wife

We honor you this day to show our appreciation
for all of your hard work and dedication.
Being our First Lady is a Blessing
that is not unspoken. May God continue
to Bless and keep you standing in the gap
for our Beloved Pastor, because behind
every good man there is a good woman.

In Sincere and Humble Gratitude for Faithfully,
Compassionately and Lovingly Serving God's People

Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence

Product Reviews

Well pleased!!!
Lansing, IL
October 2, 2019
It was beautiful.

My Pastor and First Lady loved the plaques. The plaques helped make their Anniversary more enjoyable. I will definitely be using this company again. The quality of the plaques were great.
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Reply from Crystal Central LLC
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The item was promised for 10/20
Miami, FL
October 26, 2022
The item ordered was good. It meet the purpose.
I would have liked add/change some thing but I understand it is formatted item.

The item was promised for 10/20
I stayed 2 hour over time on the 10/20 & 10/21 to wait for the package and it never arrived. Company never email/gave me tracking information until I demanded it on Friday evening 6:30PM. Then I calling FedEx, they told me the try to deliver a few minutes ago while I was on the phone with them, I told them that was impossible I was still here at the church. But the package will be delivered again on Monday, but I could come get it from but they close in 15 minute.
FedEx personnel gave me the wrong address (1000 NW 21 Street), I went 12 miles out of my way. When I got to the correct place many people there where stating the same issues with being directed to the wrong FedEx office...Very disappointed that I paid $49 for special delivery of an item that I had to spend days and hours to track down. If I didn't need for a presentation on Sunday morning I would not have paid the extra for the delivery.

I had check the spam and junk mail and no tracking email. I called you company Thursday evening and that person stated it was out for delivery, but would not give me tracking information. So I waited until 8PM and then left.
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Reply from Crystal Central LLC
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