District Attorney Quote Plaque

District Attorney Quote Plaque
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To A District Attorney

“There are heroes in this world.
They’re called District Attorneys.
They don’t get to have clients,
people who smile at them at the end of the trial,
who look them in the eye and say, ‘thank you.’
Nobody is there to appreciate the District Attorney, because we work for the state.
And our gratitude comes only from knowing
there’s a tide out there. A tide the size of a tsunami coming out of a bottomless cesspool. A tide called crime, which, if left unchecked will rob every American
of his freedom. A tide which strips individuals of the privilege of being able to, to walk down a dark street
or take twenty dollars out of an ATM machine without fear of being mugged. All Congress does is talk, but it’s
the District Attorney who grabs his sword,
who digs into the trenches and fights the fight.
Who dogs justice day, after day, after day without thanks, without so much as a simple pat on the back. But we do it. We do it, we do it because we are
the crusaders, the last frontier of American justice. Knowing that if a man cannot feel safe, he can never,never feel free.”

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Sacramento, CA
February 1, 2018
Very nice product! One thing I'd work on though is the web page: it wasn't clear that some of the lettering on the plaque could be altered from the example given. So, on the law enforcement emblem, I have "explorer" on the bottom, which I would have eliminated if I'd known I could. Other than that, no complaints and am very satisfied.
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