A Soldier’s Prayer Poem

A Soldier’s Prayer Poem
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Please remember that no one is more cherished in
this world than someone who lightens the burden
of another. SPC Scott you never failed in this task
and we can never tell you how appreciated you are.
Thank you for your support and dedication.

You will be greatly missed.

Lord, I ask for courage.
Courage to face and
Conquer my own fears...
Courage to take me where
Others will not go.

I ask for strength...
Strength of body to protect others...
Strength of spirit to lead others.
I ask for dedication...
Dedication to my job, to do it well...
Dedication to my country,
To keep it safe.

Give me, Lord, concern...
For those who trust me
And compassion for those
Who need me, and Please Lord...
Through it all be at my side.
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