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Custom Coast Guard Gift Plaques

Honor those who commit to defending their country with these custom Coast Guard gifts. A unique crystal gift plaque is a perfect Coast Guard retirement gift idea. You can also give one to an academy graduate to celebrate their achievement. These thoughtful mementos will be treasured for years to come.

  • USCG Commemorative Plaque

    USCG Commemorative Plaque

    $129.99 - $209.99 $119.99 - $199.99

    Replete with Coastie's rank insignia, rating badge or Coast Guard emblem, the USCG Commemorative Plaque is the perfect way to celebrate and honor the retirement of a valued guardsman.

  • Thank You Coastie! Plaque

    USCG Thank You Plaque

    $149.99 - $309.99

    This Thank You USCG! Plaque is the perfect recognition choice that expresses gratitude and appreciation. The patriotic background and ample engraving space makes this piece one-of-a-kind.

  • Shield Recognition Plaque

    USCG Shield Plaque

    $139.99 - $259.99
     stars (1)

    Want to recognize fellow Coast Guard members for going above and beyond? Or honoring their career and retirement? If so, consider the elegance and strength of the Coast Guard Shield Plaque.

  • USCG Retirement Plaque

    Coastie Retirement Plaque

    $149.99 - $309.99
     stars (1)

    Send a beloved member of the U.S. Coast Guard into retirement with a remembrance worthy of his service. Embellished with the Coast Guard seal and motto, it's the perfect gift for retiring Coasties.

  • USCG Achievement Award

    USCG Radiant Star Award

    $149.99 - $249.99
     stars (1)

    To honor a career of bravery and honorable service, the USCG Star Achievement Plaque is the ultimate commendation. The unique wave style and ample engraving space make this plaque the perfect choice.

  • USCG Auxiliary Retirement Gift

    USCG Retirement Sailboat

    $169.99 - $309.99
     stars (3)

    The sailboat is the symbol of retirement and this beautiful crystal rendering does the milestone justice. This personalized crystal sailboat is the ultimate, personalized retirement gift for Coast Guardsmen.

  • USCG Years of Service Award

    USCG Recognition Plaque

    $139.99 - $239.99

    Bedecked with a personalized rank insignia, shoulder badge and USCG emblem, this Coastie Recognition Plaque is a stunning way to honor devoted service to the nation! Personalize it for your special guardsmen.


Shoring up our shorelines, protecting our boundaries, and keeping the coast clear—that's a lot to ask. It's something the men and women of the U.S. Coast Guard undertake each and every day. It's a calling, not a job. It is duty and honor, not obligation. The Coast Guard motto is: Semper Paratus - Always Ready. Truer words have never been spoken, which is why investing in custom plaques should seem like such an obvious choice when you’re sifting through possible Coast Guard retirement gift ideas.

After the rigor of military academia, Coast Guard Academy graduation gifts should reflect both admiration and appreciation. Why not invest in something worthwhile and long-lasting, like a 100 percent optical crystal memento from Crystal Central? These beautiful monuments to greatness are the utmost in custom crystal Coast Guard awards and plaques. Add quotations, insignias, names, dates, or even poetry with ease. Deep-etch engraving is always included in the price.

Make these beautiful custom Coast Guard gift plaques your own and create a wonderful memory for someone truly deserving at the same time.

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