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  • Personalized Crystal Military Prayer Gift Plaque


    In Honor Of


    May God Watch Over You And Protect You Always!

    A Military Prayer

    Dear Lord, 
    GIVE us strength and courage
    in the fields of battle.
    May our missions always be
    for honorable and just causes.
    GUIDE leaders to act
    with wisdom and compassion.
    HELP us protect and defend
    the rights of the innocent.
    WATCH over our loved ones
    while we are far from home.
    When we are in harm’s way,
    PROTECT us from injury.
    GRANT us victory and lasting peace,
    if not here on earth,
    then forever with you in heaven.

  • Personalized Crystal A Soldier’s Prayer Gift Plaque


    In recognition for your outstanding
    contributions and dedicated leadership. 
    Your exceptional performance,
    high standards, loyalty and dedication
    to duty have contributed immeasurably
    to the success of the 106th Signal Brigade.

    Godspeed on your next assignment. 

    A Soldier’s Prayer

    Lord, I ask for courage.
    Courage to face and
    Conquer my own fears...
    Courage to take me where
    Others will not go.

    I ask for strength...
    Strength of body to protect others...
    Strength of spirit to lead others.
    I ask for dedication...
    Dedication to my job, to do it well...
    Dedication to my country,
    To keep it safe. 

    Give me, Lord, concern...
    For those who trust me
    And compassion for those
    Who need me, and Please Lord...
    Through it all be at my side.



  • Crystal Air Force Retirement Plaque with The Airman’s Creed



    Presented with Honor Upon Your Retirement

    In Recognition Of 30 Years Of Dedicated Service,
    Countless Sacrifices, And Endless Prayer For
    This Great Nation, The United States Air Force,
    Its Airmen, And Their Families. 

    Enjoy your retirement


    The Airman’s Creed

    “I am an American Airman.
    I am a warrior.
    I have answered my nation's call.

    I am an American Airman.
    My mission is to fly, fight, and win.
    I am faithful to a proud heritage,
    A tradition of honor,
    And a legacy of valor.

    I am an American Airman,
    Guardian of freedom and justice,
    My nation's sword and shield,
    Its sentry and avenger.
    I defend my country with my life.

    I am an American Airman:
    Wingman, leader, warrior.
    I will never leave an airman behind,
    I will never falter,
    And I will not fail.”

  • Custom Crystal USMC Gift Plaque Engraved with US Marine Corps Hymn


    In Honor of

    U.S. Marine Corps Hymn

    From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli.
    We fight our country’s battles in the air, on land and sea.
    First to fight for right and freedom and to keep our honor clean.
    We are proud to claim the title of United States Marine.
    Our flag’s unfurled to every breeze from dawn to setting sun;
    we have fought in every clime and place where we could take a gun.
    In the snow of far-off Northern lands and in sunny tropic scenes.
    You will find us always on the job - The United States Marines.
    Here’s health to you and to our Corps which we are proud to serve.
    In many a strife we’ve fought for life and never lost our nerve;
    if the Army and the Navy Ever look on Heaven’s scenes;
    they will find the streets are guarded by United States Marines. 

  • Personalized Crystal Military Spouse Appreciation Gift Plaque with Sailor’s wife Poem



    Thank you for your commitment,
    sacrifice and support of our Navy,
    your sailor, and your community. 
    Without your contributions,
    we wouldn’t be as strong as we
    are today.  You are the quiet hero
    of the United States Navy.

    Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

    A Quiet Hero

    She wakes very early, he’s leaving today,
    She will stand tall and proud as he’s walking away.
    He glances back warmly at his children and wife,
    Knowing they will bravely carry on with their life.
    Her strength and her courage only one understands.
    He is walking away with her heart in his hands.
    For he knows that without it he would be lost.
    But they both know freedom comes at a cost.
    She walks away holding her children so close,
    Swallowing tears for the one she loves most.
    This quiet hero does not walk into war, 
    She carries on behind her front door.
    She will move through her life the wind at her back,
    Determined to keep her family on track.
    Her tears fall in silence while she lies in her bed,
    her fear is right there but nothing is said.
    She will ask that no medals be pinned to her chest.
    Her husband’s safe return her only request.
    Few understand her commitment, her life.
    She is the quiet hero, the brave Sailor’s wife.

  • Custom Engraved Crystal A Navy’s Mom’s Prayer Gift Plaque



    Most people never meet their hero.
    I raised mine.


    Dear Lord,

    Give me the greatness of heart to see
    the difference between a mother’s love
    and duty to country.

    Give me understanding that I may know, 
    when duty calls him -- he must go... 
    Give me a task to do each day, 
    to fill the time when he’s away. 

    And, Dear Lord, when he goes 
    out to sea,  please bring him 
    home safely to me.


  • Personalized Crystal Army’s Wife Prayer Gift Plaque



    Dear Lord,

    Give me the greatness of heart to see,
    The difference between duty and his love for me. 
    Give me understanding that I may know, 
    When duty calls him, he must go. 
    Give me a task to do each day, 
    To fill the time when he’s away. 
    And Lord, when he’s in a foreign land, 
    Keep him safe in your loving hand. 
    And Lord, when duty is in the field, 
    Please protect him and be his shield. 
    And Lord, when this deployment seems so long, 
    Please stay with me and keep me strong. Amen

  • Custom Engraved Crystal Military Family Appreciation Gift with Military Family’s Prayer


    In Honor of


    Thank You


    Our Prayer

    Heavenly Father,
    Look with love on those who wait
    for the safe return of their loved ones
    who serve in the armed forces of their country.
    In faith and hope, we turn to you for comfort.
    Grant that we may trust in your mercy and send an 
    angel to sustain us as we await their safe return.
    We ask this through Christ our Lord.

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Miamisburg, OH
October 30, 2018
This item could not be more beautiful. After researching many gift ideas for the widow of a WWII fighter pilot, I decided on this and could not be any more happy that I did. Thank you!

Fantastic and timely customer service. The product is beautiful!!
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A Prayer for Our Troops is a wonderful sentiment. Share your love for those close to you in the military; express your personal appreciation to military service members and their families with this unique crystal military prayer plaque.

Tall and strong with a black crystal base and crystal clear top, each Military Prayer Plaque can be personalized with your custom messages as well as the Military Service Branch logo or emblem of your choosing. A military prayer poem will be engraved on the back of the plaque and a gold, delicate praying hands decoration will be added to the corner. You may revise the prayer to include military creeds or other poems and song lyrics for your special occasion.

It is a great gift to recognize our military service personnel, past or present. It also makes a great gift for military graduations, enlistments, promotions and retirements.

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