Sample Designs & Wording Messages
  • Appreciation Gift for Military Service


    Service Appreciation Award

    Name of Military Personnel / Veterans

    The stars of American Freedom
    are our veterans, like you, who have done
    so much to preserve our freedoms.
    We will always be grateful to you.

    Thank You For Your Service!

  • Appreciation Gift From Veterans


    To An Outstanding Military Personnel

    Today, I salute PSC Miller for his mentoring,
    friendship and dedicated service to me,
    the Department of Maine and all Veterans.

    You will always be remembered for your
    dedication to me and all of your fellow Veterans.
    This plaque represents your friendship,
    loyalty and exemplary service while performing
    as my Chief of Staff.

    You will forever be remembered as my mentor and friend.

    “Shaping the Future - Remember the Past”

  • Veterans Service Appreciation Gift




    A Military Commander

    For outstanding service above & beyond
    the call of duty to the Requin Base,
    the Community and to the
    United States Submarine Veterans Inc.

    Thank You For Your Service!

Product Description

A terrific gift idea for Veteran's Day and Military Appreciation Month, this one-of-a-kind crystal patriotic gift is sure to impress! Stars and Stripes decorate this Thank You Plaque and scrolling fonts add a touch of grace.

Our troops and veterans are the stars of American Freedom. This unique patriotic gift offers ample space to thank them for their service and sacrifice. They risk their life to protect our country and preserve our freedoms. At the very least, they deserve a special class of patriotic appreciation gifts.

Honor American war hero and military service members, past and present; show your deep gratitude by awarding them with this celebration of freedom design; reward their commitment with a gift that will never fade or crumble.

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