Medical School Graduation Gift
Medical School Graduation Gift
Sample Designs & Wording Messages
  • Medical School Graduation Gift for Son/Daughter


    Upon Your Graduation
    From Medical School 

    To Our Daughter

    To earn the title “Doctor,” 
    Is an honor, it is true...
    Fruition of a life-long dream,
    Achieved by just a few.

    It’s a journey that has brought you,
    To this time and to this place,
    Where you can make a difference
    With each challenge that you face.

    But, still, the wisdom you acquired,
    Each step along the way,
    Is not all that defines you,
    As you travel through each day

    For knowledge in and of itself,
    Is only just a part...
    The thing that makes you special
    Is your kind and gentle heart.

    And when a Doctor cares as much,
    As you “sincerely” do,
    The world becomes a better place,
    No doubt, because of you!

    You’ve worked hard and sacrificed a lot 
    over the past several years ... 
    but you’ve made your dreams come true.

    As parents, we couldn’t be more proud
    to have a daughter like you.

  • Medical School Graduation Gift for Husband/Wife



    On Your Medical School Graduation


    A Newly Graduated M.D.

    You worked long, hard hours for this goal. 
    This achievement shows your determination, 
    commitment, and strength as an individual. 
    We are so proud of you and
    you should be proud of yourself. 

    Lord, as I treat my patients
    Help me to be wise;
    Let me see their problems
    Through Your discerning eyes.
    Guide me, Lord, and use me
    In everything I do,
    For You’re the Great Physician,
    And I long to be like You.

    ~ Robin Fogle

    We Love You, Sweetheart!

  • Pharmacy Graduation Gift for Him


    Oath Of A Pharmacist

    To Pharmacy Graduate

    Now that all your hard work and sacrifice has
    paid off, and you’ve reached your goal of becoming
    a pharmacist always remember the following Oath:

    At this time, I vow to devote my professional life 
    to the service of all humankind through 
    the profession of pharmacy.

    I will consider the welfare of humanity and 
    relief of human suffering my primary concerns.

    I will apply my knowledge, experience and 
    skills to the best of my ability to assure optimal 
    drug therapy outcomes for the patients I serve.

    I will keep abreast of developments and 
    maintain professional competency in 
    my profession of pharmacy.

    I will maintain the highest principles of
    moral, ethical and legal conduct.

    I will embrace and advocate change in 
    the profession of pharmacy that 
    improves patient care.

    I take these vows voluntarily with the full 
    realization of the responsibility with which
    I am entrusted by the public. 

    I am proud and honored to call you
    my brother. Your unselfishness
    makes me want to be a better man.

    With Brotherly Love, John.


  • Nurse Graduation Gift for Best Friend


    Commemorating Your Nurse Pinning Ceremony

    To Our Friend On Your Nursing School Graduation

    “Nursing is an art: and, if it is to be
    made an art, it requires an exclusive
    devotion, as hard a preparation as any
    painter’s or sculptor’s work: For what is
    the having to do with dead canvas or
    cold marble, compared with having to
    do with the living body, the temple of 
    God’s spirit? It is one of the fine arts:
    I once said, the finest of fine arts.”

    ~ Florence Nightingale 1868

    Now that the torch has been passed,
    and the ceremony ended;
    Be proud of the oath you have taken.

    Let your loyalty and devotion shine bright
    and light the way for a prosperous future.

    It is great to know that patients will receive
    the benefit of your compassionate and expert care.

    A Gift From Your Best Friends

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5 stars
Very pleased
Racine, OH
3 hours ago
We are so pleased with both the finished product and the excellent, fast service you provided. Absolutely perfect gift to honor our pastor and his family.
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5 stars
5 star service
Houston, TX
4 hours ago
Fast & excellent service!
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5 stars
The item was beautiful
Orlando, FL
6 hours ago
The item was beautiful! It was a 10th Anniversary gift my son and his wife. I believe that they will cherish it for many years. And, it was more exquisite than the pictures or descriptions had depicted it to be!
Thank you!
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Reply from Crystal Central LLC
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5 stars
These folks are THE BEST
West Newbury, MA
7 hours ago
These folks are very helpful. They answered questions quickly and cheerfully. They even made adjustments to my project for me when I was confused. Can't beat this service and the results.
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5 stars
Absolutely beautiful product!
Lake Villa, AL
7 hours ago
Absolutely beautiful product and came fairly quickly! Also impressed with their ability to work with you and respond back to customizations!
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5 stars
Excellent work
Garfield, NJ
7 hours ago
Excellent work
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5 stars
Always quick and professional
Woodhull, NY
69 hours ago
Always quick and professional
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Reply from Crystal Central LLC
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5 stars
Good service
Englewood Cliffs, NJ
5 days ago
Good service, good product.
One suggestion, since we are looking at the product on-line, its difficult to see how the final product will look in a room, in different light conditions, room colors, etc. So if you can have photos of the product in different room / light backgrounds, it would be helpful. I was not expecting the black lettering to be as bold looking as it was. MM
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5 stars
Super Easy
Anchorage, AK
6 days ago
The entire process from start to finish was super easy and fast!
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5 stars
Professional and expedient service
Pine, AZ
6 days ago
Professional and expedient service
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Product Description

Anyone driven enough to declare pre-med in undergrad, sit for the MCAT and then attend medical school and complete a residency is a force to be reckoned with. The desire to heal, diagnose and care for patients isn’t born in just anyone. That’s why we came up with the Medical School Graduation Gift Plaque. This piece, which works perfectly as a medical school graduation gift from parents, is stunning and subtle; marking achievement in an understated way. The caduceus, added to the pane of blue glass, is an intricate little design detail, which puts this on the short list of medical school graduation gifts for men.

Consider this sample inscription: “To earn the title ‘Doctor,’ Is an honor, it is true... Fruition of a life-long dream, Achieved by just a few.” Truer words have never been written.

Because our deep etch engraving is included at no additional cost, you can tweak this gift to celebrate a newly pinned nurse or make it a pharmacy graduation gift for him. The sky is the limit!

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