Sample Designs & Wording Messages
  • Sample Officer Recognition Plaque



    The California District Attorney Association's
    Exemplary Service to Protect
    and Improve the Quality of Life
    Under the Extraordinary Leadership of

    Special Investigator's Name & Title

    We Thank You for Your Devotion,
    Dedication and Hard Work.

    You are an Important Part of Our Community!

  • FBI Agent Retirement Plaque


    Upon Your Retirement

    To New Beginnings and Happy Memories

    Retiring Agent's Name & Title

    Thank You for 22 Years of Outstanding Service!

    With Best Wishes for a Happy Retirement!

    FBI Seal Emblem

  • Chief Park Ranger Appreciation Gift


    We Thank You for Your Devotion,
    Dedication and Hard Work.

  • Victim’s Advocate Appreciation Gift


    In Greatest

    We Hereby Present

    Victim’s Advocate

    With this award in recognition for
    your ongoing commitment
    and dedicated services to victims
    and survivors of Domestic Violence.
    With gratitude and appreciation,
    we at Voices Against Violence
    for Women & Children sincerely thank you.

Product Description

The Law Enforcement Appreciation Plaque was designed with both strength and grace. The elegant filigree detail work and pure, optical crystal are elegant and attractive. The solid weight, sturdy base and versatile, circular cut give this plaque gravitas and dignity. It can be personalized with a departmental seal, officer's rank or simply your carefully chosen words of thanks.

Use this unique crystal plaque to honor fellow officers for dedicated service, or to celebrate the end of an outstanding law enforcement career. This gorgeous, hand-cut crystal award can be used to celebrate any occasion in law enforcement.

Suitable for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Gift; Plaque for a Retiring Law Enforcement Officers; Officer Recognition Award; etc.

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