Sample Designs & Wording Messages
  • Annual Partnership Appreciation Ideas


    Partner of the Year

    Annual Corporate Award Date

    Congratulations to
    Top Channel Partner
    Award Winners

    In recognition for
    demonstrating a superior level of
    expertise and delivering effective
    solutions to our customers.

  • Business Partner Recognition Award Sample


    Strategic Partner Award

    Presented to
    Our Top Sales Partners

    Congratulations and thank you
    for your support!

    Corporate Partner Award
    Recognition Date

    Strategic Partner Awards recognize extraordinary collaboration and dedication between a company and external partners who work together enabling them to achieve goals neither of them could have reached by themselves alone. The award is frequently used in the hi-tech industries in various names: Business Partner of the Year Award, Partner Excellence Award, etc.
  • Annual Supplier Excellence Award Idea


    Presented to

    Our Top Suppliers & Vendor

    For Your Support, Oversight,
    and Continued Guidance
    in the Field of Office
    Supply Management.

    Supplier Awards are presented annually to recognize superior supplier performance and continuous improvements. The suppliers are awarded in different categories like: Supplier Innovation Awards, Project Execution Excellence, Supplier Cost Excellence, Above & Beyond, Supply Chain/Logistics Management, etc.
  • Award Ideas for President’s Sales Club



    Key Sales Leaders

    For Outstanding Sales
    Performance and helping to
    make the company a success

    President’s Sales Club is the ultimate sales achievement award. It is sometimes referred to as “The 100% Club”, “The Winner’s Circle”, “The Chairman’s Circle of Excellence”, etc. It is the proof of exceptional sales achievement and superior performance. While there are many sales awards out there, those that have been honored by being the best, have a special place of importance and worth that sets them above all others.
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Product Description

This award is one of the most unique sales recognition awards in existence. The clarity and heft of this optical crystal gem create a truly stunning light-reflection effect that is unparalleled. The overall beauty of this Sales Channel Recognition Award makes it more like a fine statue than a plaque. The trophy is a free-standing, self-supporting piece with an angled face that is perfect for a warm and memorable inscription.

The Sales Partner Award recognizes the support that companies and organizations receive from distributors and other agencies. It is an invaluable asset to have strong partners, so rewarding an exemplary team with an award like this gorgeous display piece is only fitting to honor their dedication. This crystal award can be engraved with a personal, deep etched sentiment that is sure to send a strong and memorable message of appreciation.

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