Sample Designs & Wording Messages
  • Dedication Gifts for Parents


    Dedicated in the name of the Lord

    May the blessings of God
    be with you today and for
    the rest of your new life.

    May your spirit touch and
    enrich those who love you!

    You Are Very Special!

Product Description

The bible is a shape many of us associate with comfort and guidance. It is the written word of God through trusted disciples and serves as a lantern as we walk the path of spirituality.

The bible is the inspiration for our gorgeous, hand-crafted Bible Dedication Plaque. The perfect gift for a child's dedication to their church community, this piece is elegant and memorable. It features a frosted image of a holy family as the backdrop and you can add scripture, a prayer, a church logo or personal message to make it all your own.

This gift isn't just a token; it's a memento as significant as the special event it is honoring. It is the perfect choice for any dedication ceremony.

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