• Can I return my personalized crystal for a refund?

    • 1. Due to the fact that merchandise is personalized and made to custom specifications, it cannot be returned.
    • 2. does not take financial responsibility for the incorrect spelling of the personalized text provided by the customer.
    • 3. It is the customer's responsibility to spell check and proofread the personalized text prior to submitting their order and double check the text through our required e-mail proof process.
  • What if I receive the crystal and it is damaged?

    • 1. If a crystal is damaged in transit, we will offer you a replacement free of charge.
    • 2. This offer is valid for 10 business days following the physical delivery.
  • I made a mistake and will need a replacement, what do I need to do?

    • 1. Please email us at with your order number and revision requirements.
    • 2. As a courtesy, we offer a 30% discount off the list to cover essential production costs.
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