Words and Quotes of Thanks for a Boss

Words and Quotes of Thanks for a Boss

Bosses are the adult equivalent of school principals. They're an imposing, authoritative figure, which can make them seem formidable and difficult to approach. But most people who have had a sincere face-to-face conversation with their boss knows that they aren't as frightening as they're initially made out to be.

Your boss is an authoritative figure in your life, but they're also a friendly and good-intentioned one. They want to see you flourish in your career and will do anything in their power to ensure you have the tools and knowledge you need to succeed.

If you're grateful to your boss for being a benevolent mentor or even just a good and trustworthy friend, you might be wondering how to express that gratitude in a way that's professional yet personal and heartfelt.

Whether you're planning to inscribe your appreciation on a letter or plaque, voice it in person, or add it to the tag of a kindly thank-you gift, here are some words and quotes of thanks for a boss that are sure to get your gratitude across.

For a Boss That Likes To Keep Things Formal

Does your boss have an austere and formal demeanor but a heart of pure gold? Perhaps they always have a scowl on their face, but if one of their employees needs something, they drop everything else and make it their most urgent priority.

Bosses like these aren't keen on messing around—they like to keep things professional and straight to the point. It only stands to assume that lengthy, rambling letters of appreciation or well-meant jests won't be a huge hit with these formality-loving individuals.

But if they aren't swayed by your painstakingly written essays and infallible sense of humor, how are you supposed to let them know you really appreciate everything they've done for you? Here are some short, simple, and professional ways to convey your appreciation to a boss that's all work and no play.

  • Thank you for everything you do for this company and for me and other employees. We all greatly appreciate your hard work!
  • Thank you for always inspiring me and helping me improve. I wouldn't be where I am today without your knowledge and guidance!

For a Boss That's Basically Your Best Friend

But what if your boss is the furthest thing from formal and stiff? They're the coolest, most casual boss you've ever had. They walk into the office every morning wearing khakis, a casual tee, and the most beat-up sneakers you've ever seen and greet their employees with enthusiastic finger guns and a broad grin.

You hang out with them outside of work, and they invite you to everything from backyard barbecues to birthday parties—they even mistakenly sent you an invite to their family reunion once but implored you to come anyway. If you handed them a well-worded and professional-sounding letter of appreciation, the first thing that might cross their mind is, “Why are they being so cold and impersonal with me?”

For bosses that are basically your best friend, it's fine to break the traditional mold and show your gratitude in a way that's a tad more lighthearted and heartfelt. Here are some jocular and personal messages that are sure to make your fun-loving boss flash a bigger smile than usual.

  • Thanks for always putting up with my ridiculous antics and out-of-this-world ideas—just like I always put up with yours, boss! We make a great team.
  • Boss, you've got to be the smartest person I know—even smarter than my mom, my physics professor from college, and maybe even Einstein. Thanks for so graciously imparting your otherworldly knowledge on me. I don't know what I'd do without it!

For a Boss That's Leaving or Retiring

Is your boss saying hasta la vista to their current position and moving on to more metaphorically calm waters, or literally packing up their stuff and retreating to their three-story beach house on the prepossessing shores of Costa Rica?

Whether they're leaving to explore a different role at a different company or to comfortably retire, having to send off a boss that you've known for months or years is invariably a real tear-jerking occasion.

If your boss is leaving, don't feel down about it. Instead of focusing on the gloom, focus on the glad—remember all the times your boss lent you a helping hand? Don’t neglect to tell them just how much you appreciate them before they move on to greener pastures.

  • I can't even begin to count the sheer number of times you've helped me in my time here. You’re like a shining beacon, always guiding people in the right direction. You'll be sorely missed by everyone here, but I wish you happiness in your new role!
  • You've been an absolutely incredible boss. Your retirement is well-deserved—I hope you get to spend the next few years surrounded by nothing but palm trees, family, friends, and relaxation!

For a Boss That Just Gave You a Big Promotion

Did you just get that huge, life-changing promotion you've been vying for? A promotion is a sign that your boss recognizes and appreciates the immaculate work, cheery disposition, and other beneficial qualities you bring to the workplace.

Even though they’re supposed to be a celebration of your professional work as an employee, what most people are compelled to do after receiving a big promotion or raise is thank their boss with a bear hug while weeping uncontrollably. Unfortunately, that's a super weird and highly awkward thing to do in the middle of a crowded workplace.

To show your immense appreciation for the opportunity your boss has bestowed upon you, here are some words and quotes of thanks for a boss who thinks you're great (and who you think is pretty neat too).

  • Words can't describe how much this promotion means to me. Thank you for all you've done to help me achieve my goals—I promise I won't disappoint!
  • Thank you for having faith in my abilities. It means a lot. Under your exceptional guidance, I'm sure I can continue to grow and reach even greater heights!

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Words and Quotes of Thanks for a Boss